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Concrete Craft

The Challenge

Home Franchise Concepts (HFC) is a leader in home based businesses and franchise opportunities. With recognizable brands like Budget Blinds and Tailored Living under their umbrella, HFC was looking to expand into another franchise business opportunity with Concrete Craft.

Concrete Craft is a professional provider and installer of designer concrete flooring, that just launched their new website under the HFC umbrella. New websites create inherent challenges for search marketers, especially on the organic channel.

Faced with low domain authority and page authority scores from and the brand not even ranking for its name, we knew we had opportunity to elevate the brand and non-branded keywords through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts.

  • 101%Rise in Organic Search Leads
  • 68%Increase in Total Site Traffic

The Strategy

Power Digital worked with the HFC team during the development of the Concrete Craft website to first start by developing with best SEO practices in mind. We helped vet and choose the platform that would work best that (1) offered flexibility and a backend content management system (CMS) the marketing team could use to make changes and not be as reliant on the development team (2) had the capability to evolve with their brand as the operation expanded (3) worked well with the search engines for organic ranking growth. We ended up choosing WordPress as the CMS that best checked all HFC’s needs for the Concrete Craft website.

After running a competitive analysis for organic search on the designer concrete industry, we quickly realized there was no clear leader in the space. This is not typical as most industries compete heavily online. This was great news for the client and the Power Digital team.

Understanding the Concrete Craft franchise business model, we quickly localized our strategy around the franchisees themselves and corresponding service areas. This allowed us to create specific targeted landing pages for each franchisee that spoke directly to their service area. That way we issued the quality of the leads were much more qualified.

The core of our strategy for organic consisted of: (1) link accusation to boost webpage authority metrics for the search engines (2) local landing page creation to geo-target specific service areas (3) SEO optimized ad copy that was topic modeled around specific search queries (4) keyword targeting with geos and top performing product offerings with the most interest online in the specific regions.

A Google AdWords campaign was also introduced early on in the campaign to support lead generation as the organic traffic began to build. The campaigns were specifically geo targeted to each franchisee region to one keep cost-per-clicks CPCs down and insure the quality of the lead intact, making sure the Concrete Craft franchisee owner could service the client.

Services Used

  • Paid Media
  • SEO

The Results

Concrete craft saw the largest lift in month 5 to month 6 of the campaign (6-month campaign), total site traffic increased 68%, largely due to the Organic channel which increased an incredible 78%! 

In addition, Organic Search leads rose 101% that month. Performance maintained at this increased level for months to come, rising an additional 1%-3% per month, until again in month 10 when the Organic channel rose significantly once more, this time increasing another 10%.

The paid media AdWords campaign out performed typical metrics seen industry wide starting with a Click-Through-Rate (CTR) average of 4.24% from the start of the campaign to the end. The conversion rate was a very health 14.4% averaged across the campaign start to finish and the Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) was an average of $19.94. The CPL was especially a win in an industry that averages several thousand dollars per job.