AdWords Next’s New Feature: Bid Modifiers for Call Extension

Priscilla Jeng
By Priscilla Jeng

Amongst the currently available bid modifiers for location, device, demographic, and household income in AdWords, Google introduced a new bid modifier for calls in AdWords’ new interface.

Under Interaction in the new Advanced bid adj. section, advertisers can now make bid adjustments ranging from -90% up to +900% to have call extensions show up more or less in mobile search ads.

This bid modifier is especially beneficial for companies that get high conversion value through calls, there’s now the option to increase your bids for your call extensions or click-to-call ads to appear more frequently in the mobile SERP.

Google states, “Use call bid adjustments to increase bids on campaigns that drive valuable phone calls. For example, if you’re a travel advertiser, you may see higher order values from calls because it can be easier to cross-sell rental cars, group tours and other vacation add-ons during a live conversation. Raise your call bid adjustments to show call extensions more frequently and drive more of these high-value call conversions.”

We recommend taking full advantage of this new feature if it makes sense to your business. Considering call extension is the only modifier available under the new Advanced bid adj. section, it’s apparent there will definitely be more bid modifiers to come from Google so make sure to keep an eye out for new releases!




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