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Why Having a New AdWords Account is the Equivalent to Having a New Puppy

October 5, 2016
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I’m willing to bet you never thought a new AdWords account could be similar to adopting a new puppy. Well guess what? You thought wrong.

Don’t believe me? Let’s go through the stages of owning a newborn, cuddly, ultra-cute, AdWords account:


You’re at a point in your relationship with your company where you’re all grown up and ready to take on some more responsibility. You and your company have always felt there’s something missing in your life and you’re looking to fill that void with something you can love and care for.

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So you start looking around. You check out some different ad networks like Bing (which seems a little old), AdRoll (which seems a little needy), Facebook (which is a breed that doesn’t seem to play well with others) and then finally you find AdWords.

This cute little guy is so appealing. You’ve seen friends go with this breed in the past and they’ve had nothing but great things to say. So you take the plunge and bring this network in house.

House Training

While your excitement is palpable, you soon realize that there will be some challenges in getting this new addition to the family used to your business. For one, you had no idea how much time you need to put into raising this account. It takes a lot of time teaching it to behave appropriately. You have to instruct it where to serve ads, teach it to interact with SERP’s, and you definitely can’t leave it alone for more than a few hours.

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You also notice that in order to keep the little guy running around, you need to feed him more than you thought. And the costs can get pretty high. But at the end of the day, you feel yourself falling in love with your account because you’ve already put so much time and effort into it. And one day, that little guy will show you lots of affection if cared for properly.


Teenage Years

You now have a rambunctious account that is full of life and wants to run around the SERP’s as much as possible. He gets into trouble almost on a daily basis, but you can’t help but love the traction he’s providing you and your company. You know that with time, patience, and training, he can be the perfect companion to your business.

Adult Life

Your account is now an integral part of your company. You’ve spent countless hours with it and consider the account to be part of your business’ family. It’s now well behaved and plays nicely with SERP’s, knowing when to interact and when to hang back and chill. And now, it’s really starting to help your bottom line, which makes it truly adorable.

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Tips For Giving Your Account A Healthy, Happy Life

  • Give your account lots of attention
  • Don’t be surprised by how much you need to feed your account ($$$)
  • Know that it can be difficult to live with early on, but can also be a valued member of your business immediately
  • Treat it with love as it is most likely positively affecting your business outside the scope of direct response

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