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Search Marketing has evolved into a crucial element of today’s marketing and business strategies. Search Engine Optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, plays a critical role in the acquisition of new users and building an online presence for your business. Digital SEO lays the foundation for a strong online presence by allowing your website to organically rank in search engines for terms relevant to your business and industry.

Bill WilkinsonDirector of SEO
Qualified Traffic
Connects the right audience with your product or page.
Efficient Channel
Utilize organic channels to decrease cost per acquisition.
Great Long
Term Value
Creates ongoing competitive advantage for the brand online.

For Results

Website Optimization Services

Think of your website like a spider web. Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo use Spiders to crawl your website’s data that is then processed by their algorithms. These Spiders have an easier time navigating your website’s web through a matrix of links (i.e. your website architecture). Each connecting thread leads to a landing page on the website and needs to be optimized to tell the website’s story or theme. With a talented team of data driven SEO marketing experts, we can research opportunity gaps in the keyword landscape and find opportunities on your landing pages to cast a wider net of commonly searched keywords to bring your website more relevant traffic. Our on-page optimization process is world class. Power Digital uses the top enterprise level software to dismantle your competitors’ SEO strategies and top recruited talent to execute on our professional SEO services.

Content Creation

When it comes to content, a search engine Spider values quality. Our team develops a content strategy which is executing on using our Content Factory. The content we produce is highly valuable and relevant to your customer. With a more engaged audience coming to your website, search engines will reward you with higher placement in the search engine results.

Digital PR & Outreach

The days of getting as many links as possible to your website are over. Now is the era of getting quality and industry relevant publications and blogs to link to your site, over quantity of irrelevant publications. Power Digital has revolutionized the way links are built by a department of traditional PR professionals that have the tools, skill sets, and connections to get your business published and incorporating relevant links to your site within that online publication. Our team of Digital PR & Outreach Specialists have relationships with top websites that are hungry for quality content. We work with our partners to ensure that the content we create is found and linked to, and above all ranked.

Measure & Optimize

We make our SEO campaigns easy to understand, communicate, and measure. The reason why the majority of search optimization campaigns fail is because there is lack of benchmarking, measuring, transparency, and analysis. From day one of a campaign, Power Digital will discover and set up agreed upon Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and build those into a single view Executive Dashboard for your team to view as often as possible to track campaign performance. Our strong focus on analytics allows us to constantly monitor and adjust our campaigns for maximum performance. We evaluate performance based on meaningful metrics focused on conversions to generate substantial revenue increases but also improve the quality of the user’s time on the site.

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