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Social Media and Web Development: Better Together

August 13, 2018
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Whether we realize it or not, social media has a huge, undeniable influence on our daily lives; directly or indirectly, big or small, it’s influence is always there. It can start trends, dictate behaviors, pivot a marketing strategy, and inspire new website designs. New to social media? Learn more in our articles Social Media for Business Beginners Guide” and “Scratching the Surface of Social Media Advertising.”

With so many platforms under the umbrella of social media, its impact on the business world reaches far and wide, and although they can ebb and flow in popularity, we still see some of the same key platforms remain at the top of the totem pole: Facebook in first place, followed by social networks such as Instagram, Twitter YouTube, LinkedIn, Google, Tumblr, Pinterest…

We turn to social media platforms not only as a means of communication, as was once their original intent, but as tools of commerce. They have contributed to the improvement and development of businesses, increasing brand awareness, reaching new clients, and building valuable relationships with existing clients and industry experts.

For businesses to be successful these days, incorporating social media into their overarching digital marketing strategy is an unequivocal must.

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Because it has so much to offer its users—and its developers strive for constant improvements and innovations—the initial arrival and continued growth of social media has made the web more lively and interactive than ever. Nowadays, it is not just about making things beautiful and visually impressive; it is about making your business strategically impressive. This is why web design and social media now go hand in hand as great, complementary components to a business’s online reputation.

With the ever changing enhancements of social media, it’s important for your business to stay ahead of the game. Read more in our related article “4 Ways to Stay Ahead of the Social Media Shifts.” With that being said, it’s impossible to keep up with every advancement made. There will be some social media trends that won’t majorly affect or impact you and your business. Choose which battles are worth fighting and focus your time and energy in those areas. Learn more about this in “Power Digital Pointers: Social Media Tips and Tricks.”

How Does Web Development Help Social Media?

Web dev helps on the creative side of things. For instance, if you’re willing to make your business available on Facebook, then designing a Facebook fan page is essential. This same approach can be applied to Instagram and other visual platforms. We come up with new and fresh ideas and help position the business as an impressive partner to potential clients through interactive media and interesting content.

Another key component of our efforts is ensuring brand consistency across all channels. Consistency means reliability and trust in the eyes of a potential client. We optimize every touchpoint to digital perfection, making sure every application of the logo is formatted uniformly, that the same color schemes are implemented where they should be, and that the image sizes are created with optimum, responsive dimensions.

An Instagram feed that lacks cohesive style, size, consistency, quality, look, and feel with its photos will create an appearance of chaos and disorder; this is not the kind of reflection or implication you want to be made about your company. And we don’t just help with the organic aspect of social media; like we said, consistency is key in the visual world, so we also help with the creation of social ads to ensure that the look and feel stays on-brand across all social consumer touchpoints. With the right visual strategy and branding behind these ad designs, we’re able to play a vital role in the company’s business development by attracting important leads.

On the more technical side of things, we also make sure users interact with what they see in the digital space. We craft our websites by mapping out every step of the user experience and interface, creating a site that loads smoothly on any screen size, and is attractive and easy to navigate for the user.

Interactive web designs are an integral part of increasing digital engagement with new and existing customers.

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How Does Social Media Help Us?

Social media platforms are essential to helping us engage with customers. The more you communicate with the audience, the higher the likelihood you have of completing a conversion. Communication and engagement are both proven successful approaches to winning the attention of your customers and sharing your brand message with them. Read more about this topic in our related article onHow Social Media Personality Can Lead to Increased Engagement.”

We also rely on social media platforms to improve brand loyalty and nurture a relationship between brand and consumer. When you have a social presence, it is easier for businesses and individuals to find and connect with you, which allows you the opportunity to cultivate and nurture a community for your brand.

By engaging with your customers on social media and using social media channels to develop an authentic bond, you reap the business benefits of increased customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Through marketplace awareness, social platforms are able to help define the key interests and behaviors of your clients. By observing your customers’ activities on their social media profiles, you can get unique insights into their thoughts, interests, and opinions about things you might not have guessed or inferred so easily otherwise. Among many other things, social media is a tool that helps you get information to better understand your audience and helps increase traffic to the website by sharing your content on social media platforms.


Both disciplines—social media and web development—play a key role for digital marketing. Although both disciplines stand alone, we’ve come to find that using them together can create a much quicker and successful turnaround to your business’s image, online presence and exposure, and overall success.

This goes for all working departments (not just social media and web dev) in creating a credit worthy business that stands out among the rest. By utilizing and compiling the variety of the resources each department has into a strategy, magic happens in terms of creating consistency and amazing results. What can we say? Some things are just better together.

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For a free social media assessment and/or free web development assessment, contact us! We are a team of digital marketing experts, and can provide our expertise in all things digital, giving your big and/or small business the competitive edge on web design and social media marketing strategies it needs to be successful and stand out in the digital world.

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