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Step 1

Lead Prospecting

Power Digital’s outbound sales team prospect based on your ideal client persona. What industry do they work in? What is their job title? What is their company size in terms of revenue and employees? We get extremely granular to ensure that we are only targeting leads that will grow your business.



Step 2

Outbound campaign creation

Once we’ve collected the contact information of thousands of sales-ready, relevant contacts, we craft highly personalized and compelling emails that will stand out in their inboxes. These aren’t your typical sales emails you can tell were sent out to thousands of people. We have the formula to ensure that all emails appear to be written and sent directly from YOU in real time.


Step 3

Flood your Sales Team With Leads

Here comes the fun part… the part where we book so many appointments for your sales team that you actually ask us to TURN OFF our campaigns. (We’re not kidding… this happens almost every time we launch a new campaign). Our outbound sales team keeps an eye on your outbound campaigns 24/7 so that we can send interested prospects to your sales team in real time.


Step 4

Iteration and Testing

When it comes to sales outreach, there’s always room for improvement (even when we’re sending hundreds of highly qualified, interested leads your way each month). Our team is constantly testing new offers, messaging, and targeting criteria to ensure that we see an increase in leads month-over-month.



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We Deliver Sales-Ready Leads at Scale

With Power Digital’s Outbound Sales Services, your sales team will never have to send another cold prospecting email again. Instead, they can focus on things that really matter… closing deals that will GROW your business.

We aren’t just an extension of your sales team, we ARE your sales team.

…And our Results Speak for Themselves:

40 – 80% decrease in customer acquisition costs

20 – 60% more deals closed each month.

50%+ increase in productivity company-wide.


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