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The Value of Internship Experience

December 12, 2019
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Internships. Something that every college student should have during their collegiate career because they allow you to test the waters of your possible career path, while also gaining experience. However, this was something I discovered during my senior year not having experienced yet, and I realized the hard way that I was behind compared to my classmates who were graduating with me. Being a full-time student that worked two part-time jobs to pay for school, it was something that I had left on the back burner of my to-do list. So, I graduated and found an internship during the summer after my commencement ceremony. 

After applying to so many internships, and having heard nothing back, I came across Power Digital Marketing (PDM), and the ad for the Content Marketing Intern position in August. I took a shot and applied to the internship program, as I thought it was too good to be true. Thank goodness I took the chance, as  I am very humbled and lucky to have been given this experience. 

During college, I always knew I lacked the career experience I needed, but after working with PDM, I now realize I have the expertise to go forward with my career building. 

Not only did the PDM Team greet me with open arms, but they were so willing to teach me, show me the ropes of the company, and continuously encourage me to train within different departments. Not only was I able to grow within the Content Marketing department and learn about how to proof and optimize blog posts, utilize a content cluster, create quizzes, and put my creativity to use, but I was able to learn from different departments. Departments such as; Organic Social, PR and Influencer Marketing, SEO, Paid Media, and more. 

Not only was I trained in different departments, but I was able to take part in some great client experiences. I was able to shadow conference calls to see the strategists and managers work with their clients, and their clients being genuinely excited about the newly pitched marketing campaign for the fall/winter season. I  was able to create outlines for new blog articles and help come up with a slogan with a brand’s voice and come up with upcoming quiz ideas for the new year. This internship is unlike the ones I had heard my classmates talking about where they did miscellaneous tasks, where they felt like they did not have much of a purpose. I had intention within Power Digital Marketing, and I truly felt like a helpful asset to my Content Marketing Team.

This experience taught me so much more than I could have ever asked for in regards to learning about marketing, working in an office, my skills, development, and what I plan to do in the future. Though I am so sad to say goodbye, I know I am leaving here with a lot of growth and so much to offer towards my future career, and myself as an employee. 

To anyone who is reading this and is unsure about their abilities to be an intern with PDM, don’t be. I’m a college graduate who did things backward and thought I never had a chance in the world to be an asset to such a well-developed digital marketing company. You will not only learn great things about yourself, gain the skill sets and knowledge, but you’ll meet great people who will have you leaving with a heavy heart. 

So, thank you to Power Digital Marketing, and the Content Marketing Team, for the best experience I could have asked for, and to the next Content Marketing Intern, good luck! I know you’ll love it as much as I did. 

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