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Advanced Social Media Tactics: Developing a Top Notch Retargeting Program

June 5, 2017
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Every user that sees or engages with your Facebook ads has the opportunity to become a customer. Laying the framework to effectively re-engage users after the first touch is tricky, but with the proper structure you can seamlessly bring users down the funnel through retargeting pixels and campaigns.

To reiterate, every user that sees or engages with your ads has the potential to become a customer, so your creative and messaging should cater not only to the user’s demographic and psychographic traits, but their respective position in the funnel too.

Below is a summary of some of the advanced Facebook retargeting audiences you should consider using in your accounts to help your brand keep prospects engaged and drive them to a conversion.

Engagement Retargeting

Facebook has introduced a way to retarget users who have engaged with your past ads or organic content posts. And by excluding your website traffic from your targeting, you’re left with an audience of users who have engaged with your content but haven’t visited your website. It is difficult to gauge intent based off of a post “like”, but this group of users is still highly valuable and one that you want to nurture and customize your messaging to.

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They’ve shown a level of familiarity and intrigue with your brand, so it may be of value to provide this group with some kind of special offer to help encourage them to visit your website and make a purchase (or other type of conversion). 

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Time On Site Retargeting Audience

Facebook has introduced a multitude of creative ways to retarget users that visit your website. Their newest and most intriguing is the ability to remarket users based on their time spent on your website. The ability to differentiate these audiences allows advertisers to focus on the users with the highest intent and that have spent the most time engaging with and evaluating your business offering on their last visit to your website.

Naturally the top 5% in terms of time on site is a much more valuable audience than the top 25%, especially if your website sees a high volume of traffic. The top 5% are the most engaged visitors and more times than not have the highest conversion rates.


Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs) 

Facebook now allows e-commerce sites to integrate their product lists directly into their Facebook ads. This is extremely beneficial since it allows advertisers to retarget based on which products users have viewed or added to the cart without having to set up unique URL retargeting for each individual product.

So, if a user adds two products to the cart, they’ll be remarketed with an ad showing that specific product they added, which tends to perform better than showing a generic link post trying to drive users back to site.

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These ads have been some of the most profitable and highest performing ads for our clients. If your site gets a lot of quality traffic from other channels like SEO or Paid Search and does not have a great e-commerce conversion rate, these ads are a great way to take a second or third shot at converting those visitors for products they have showed very serious intent on buying.

Cross-Selling & Upselling

If your brand is leveraging Facebook’s product feed ads, there’s a huge opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell products. Oftentimes advertisers will only capitalize on cart abandonment ads with this feature, but leave a lot of opportunity to cross-sell or upsell their customers.

For example, let’s say your business sells sporting goods – if a user just bought a brand new set of golf clubs from your site, it is the perfect opportunity to upsell them by delivering ads showing golf balls. Since these users have made a recent purchase, you may want to incentivize by providing an offer/discount as part of your ‘thank you’ for being a good customer.

Wrapping Up 

These tactics would all be considered advanced, but really only scratch the surface of what’s possible with retargeting. Keeping consistent touch points with your fans and customers is incredibly important – especially with Facebook’s limits on organic reach.

You also want to be mindful not to be overbearing or over-promotional, so try to keep a diverse set of creative/messaging across your audiences to keep your customers happy.




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