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How to Market At-Home Beauty Devices

November 17, 2022
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At-home facials with dermatology-grade devices from the comfort of our couch? Sign us up! The global at-home device market is expected to grow by 20.4% until 2030, marking an exciting opportunity for beauty brands to grow their business and revenue. 

So, who’s buying devices? The demographic is predominantly female, spanning people in their late teens to 50+ who have an interest in beauty and self-care. It’s a lucrative alternative for those who want results but are aversive to expensive in-office treatments or surgery. Scalpels down, credit cards up. Let’s discuss how to market these devices with recommendations from Power Digital’s Beauty Division:

Marketing Considerations for Capturing Demand

As more beauty brands get into the device game, the marketing playbooks will change along with it. At-home beauty devices come at a much higher price point compared to beauty products. So, be prepared for longer consideration and research windows. The customer journey, messaging and creative need to be geared toward providing content and guidance to help convince and convert. Here’s what Power Digital’s Beauty Division recommends when it comes to device marketing: 

1. Educational Content

Center your awareness play around educating your audience on how the device works: create engaging how to-videos tailored for social consumption. Lean into an aspirational feel to recreate the coveted spa environment at home. 

2. Before-Afters

Seeing the actual results is one of the most powerful levers to nudge a person towards a purchase, run realistic but noticeable before-afters as a part of your paid social creative mix to convince the audience that your device is effective and delivers on its USPs. Don’t show people with perfect skin but real skin with credible results.

3. Driving Credibility With Creators

Work with beauty and skincare-focused influencers/creators who will drive word of mouth with testimonials, facilitate product education and showcase the benefits of your device. Allow influencers and creators to formulate their narratives to better connect with their audiences for authentic and candid content. 

4. Use TikTok as a Search Engine

Partner with beauty experts like dermatologists to ensure that your device comes up on top when users are searching for reviews or answers to the question “Does device X work?”

5. Break the Cost Down and Talk About It

Consider offering buy now/ pay later or pay in installments (Klarna/ Afterpay) and spearheading this messaging in mid-funnel campaigns to help convert customers teetering on the edge of buying.

6. Leverage Press Across Channels to Build Social Proof

Once secured, use press mentions in other channels to further drive trust and growth. For instance, using articles as content on paid search ads can increase click-through rate (CTR). On paid social, press-focused creative can have as much as 40% higher click-through rate and 25% higher engagement rate compared to branded product ads. Use influencers in press efforts to further bolster social proof. Enhance social proof via email + SMS by showcasing recent press coverage; capitalize on 90% open and 30% CTR with SMS.


Need a hand in beauty marketing? We’ve got a team for that. Power Digital’s Beauty Division specializes in growing beauty, wellness and grooming businesses with results-driven marketing and communications campaigns for a 360-approach. Contact us today.

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