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Engagement vs. Traffic-Driving Content on Social Media

December 15, 2016
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Content engagement is more important than ever on social media. Facebook’s algorithm has been based off of engagement for a long time, and earlier this year, Instagram pivoted to follow in their footsteps.

The purpose of engagement-based algorithms is simple – assuring that social media users see content they want to be seeing. Regardless of the size of your following or quality of your product, your reach will be limited if your content is not being engaged with.  So, how do you build this engagement as a brand? The answer is through branded fluff content that provides value.

What Is Fluff Content?

Creating successful fluff content requires developing non-promotional content in the form of a graphic or status update that shows your brand relates personally to your audience. Your engagement-driving content should always add some form of value for your audience, build your brand image, or further the personal relationship between you and your audience.

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To build long-term engagement, you need to build a personal, authentic relationship with your following. Your brand should have a cohesive image and voice that allows your following to think of your social brand as a friend, not just a salesman.

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Likes Vs. Shares

On both Instagram and Facebook, “likes” form the basis on which your brand’s engagement level is built. Having content that can stop a thumb mid-scroll (and get that double tap) is going to be the main driving factor in increasing your brand’s organic reach. However, the value of a share goes far beyond just building your engagement levels.

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It’s no secret that a direct referral from a trusted friend is the most credible form of advertising.  A share is that direct referral on social, and it’s the most valuable social brand introducer you have. When someone shares your content (even fluff content) they are showing support for your brand. While someone may not be prone to sharing your latest promotional post, they will share a quote that speaks their “language” or a tip that provides quick value.

Driving Revenue

Utilizing fluff content does not mean you need to sacrifice your social revenue. You need a mixture of engagement-driving content and traffic-driving content to maximize your brand’s benefit from social media.

A high fluff content engagement rate ups your chances for your traffic-driving content to actually be shown to your audience.  Pay close attention to your analytics when using traffic-driving content like blog posts or sales promotions. Chances are, you’ll notice less engagement on these posts, but are you driving clicks?

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To get a better understanding of the success of your traffic-driving content, try tying a custom UTM to all traffic-driving posts. It’s true that social can drive revenue, but at the end of the day, no one likes to be sold to…especially on social media. A successful social strategy needs a healthy balance of bothfluff and traffic-driving content.

How We Use Fluff Content

Our favorite types of “fluff” content include quotes, tips, and user-generated content. Quotes provide the opportunity for a quick like and shows your audience that you “understand” them. Think of your demographic and what type of quote would resonate most with them.

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This is a simple way to build your brand image while building your engagement levels. Tips are also a simple way to build your brand image and provide value to your audience at the same time. Giving your following 1-3 quick tips in the form of a branded graphic allows your audience to find quick value while building their association with your social brand image.

User-generated content is a great way to build brand appreciation. A brand that brags about their audience, is a brand that a customer wants to brag about. By showcasing your audience, you are building brand loyalty (and tastefully showing off yourself).

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