Tips & Benefits of Instagram for Business

Christiana Minga
By Christiana Minga

Instagram, when done right, can be a huge marketing asset to your business. But with bloggers and professionally run accounts flooding the marketplace, slapping a caption on a photo and posting it doesn’t just cut it. These days, using Instagram for business is about quality photography, well thought out posts, and careful calculation. Being the leading social network, it comes as no surprise that consumers are 58X more likely to engage with branded content on Instagram compared to Facebook and 120X more likely compared to Twitter. The digital world is ever evolving, keep your business’s social content on track by implementing these simple Instagram for business best practices.

Stay True To Your Vision & Branding


Is your brand California Cool, Edgy, Feminine, or Adventure driven? Who are your clients, what is your industry, and how do you want to be perceived?

As with any aspect of marketing, it’s important to have cohesiveness across the board. Make sure your Instagram account reflects the voice and feel of your company and that the posts and edit styles compliment each other.

Always Edit


Editing is a key factor and not one that should be forgotten. This step is important for enhancing the quality of your content and creating symmetry on your account. Make sure your edit style falls in line with your branding and that each post has been optimized to its highest potential.

Although the Instagram app itself has great filters and editing features, there are several apps that can be used in correspondence. For starters, try adjusting the brightness, shadows, sharpness, filter intensity, and saturation.

Remember: Captions Are Key


Funny captions always resonate well and have high interaction. However, that doesn’t mean you need to sound like Aziz Ansari in every post. When developing your caption, it’s important to stay in line with your branding, tell your story, and remember that simplicity isn’t overrated.

Get Creative


Tell your story and have fun in the process! Always be looking for unique angles, backgrounds, and ways to document. Take the time to set up your photograph and transform an ordinary photo opportunity into a perfectly composed mise en scene. By thinking of your Instagram business account as an artistic outlet, you will produce virtual gallery you can be proud to share!

Implement New Extensions


Instagram’s new extension apps are a great way to stay current and get the most of your account. Boomerang allows users to create a short looping video to add more dimension to their content. Layout, as straightforward as it sounds, encourages users to combine multiple photos into one and get their creative juices flowing as they create their unique masterpiece.

Pay Mind To The Rule Of Thirds

This classic photography principal refers to the composition of a photo. By dividing your photograph into nine equal parts, separated by two vertical lines, the photographer can place their subject along the lines or at line intersections. This placement creates more tension, energy, and interest as well as follows the eye’s natural path. Try out artistic cropping or multi-post collages as you implement this technique.

Increase Your Following


  • Add 1 to 3 relevant or trending hashtags to each photo you post to increase visibility
  • Develop a custom hashtag for your brand or your fans


  • Increase the number of accounts you follow
  • Maintain an optimal ‘followers to following’ ratio by downloading an app to show the users who are not following you back (ex. followers)
  • Use an app to organically increase your engagement (ex. boostgram)


  • Use your captions as an opportunity to encourage interactions from your fans
  • Run an Instagram contest to promote sharing
  • Don’t be shy with commenting and always respond to any question or feedback a user leaves on your post


  • Encourage your employees to be brand advocates and share the word with their networks by posting photos, tagging, or adding your brand to their bio

The days of judging a book by its cover have been long replaced by judging a brand by its Instagram. Although these techniques can make it a timelier process, they will boost your engagement, increase your reach, and enhance your public image. It may not happen overnight, but I guarantee that with patience, planning, and nurturing, your Instagram will become increasingly valuable, and the benefits will start flowing in.

If you have additional questions about how to use Instagram for business or about marketing in general, please feel free to ask questions in the comments section below or reach out to me directly at I love social media, creativity, and sparking consumer interest through all types of content!

Christiana is a content manager who loves to work closely with her clients to identify ways to innovate upon their current initiatives, leverage cross-channel strategies, and spark consumer interest through data-driven copywriting and carefully curated content. She is passionate about the creative process, making genuine connections, & bringing ideas to life. When she's not in the office you might find her planning her next adventure or hitting the beach near her home in La Jolla.