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5 Brands Leveraging Instagram Story Ads

August 2, 2018
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To me, Adidas does a great job with IG stories for a few reasons. Instagram is without a doubt the best way to reach the younger demographic that they are going for. Lately, it seems like every Adidas video ad (story/feed ad) that I have seen is trying to reach for the creative individual. To me, the goal of their video ads is to inspire and almost start a generational movement. They seem to be suggesting that creativity and our future is in the hands of the youth, and to me, that is a huge selling point.

They aren’t just selling clothes, their ads are meant to be inspiring.


The Italian Soccer Team is world renowned, with 13.3M Followers and counting Juventus relinquishes the need to use their IG story as an advertising mean. However, they are still using their IG story very effectively in my eyes. For them, it is a perfect opportunity to give their followers a glimpse into the lifestyle of their players and fans. Especially with the recent acquisition of Cristiano Ronaldo, they have used their IG story to give fans (especially fans from different countries) a unique view into the team and the culture around the team. They also capitalized on the amount of viewers to do things like sell jerseys or team merch, very effectively.

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ChinaTown Market

This up and coming streetwear company uses IG stories a bit differently than other brands I have seen in the past. They make it very clear who their target market is through the use of the content on their IG stories. Chinatown Market uses there story as entertainment, filling it with memes and personal content from their group of creators.

They give their fans/customers an inside into the streetwear industry and is very transparent in respects to their manufacturing and creative process.

I think this provides customers with a unique experience when buying from this brand.

Mercedes amg

Mercedes amg does exactly what they need to do with their IG stories, and that it shows off the luxury of the product. They showcase what life looks like for an amg owner, and while this is a common marketing idea, they do a good job being innovative. They almost take you on a trip with their videos. This works well with IG stories because of the intimacy of it.

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Apple Music/Spotify

Both Apple Music and Spotify are the perfect fit for IG stories. It is a simple way for them to test ad content, and create awareness for new artist. They take advantage of the opportunity and pair music with creative ideas of there team. The content is a vibrant mixture of artist’s original creation and in house creative. What stands out to me the most recently is short trailer type videos that they are making for big album releases. Both apps are simply a platform for artists to showcase their ideas, and they do a good job of portraying artists the way that they wish.


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