What Size Should Your Creatives Be For Social Media?

Sophia Pollock
By Sophia Pollock

When creating a social media campaign, a common question people have is what sizes should their creative assets be. Use this quick and easy guide as a reference whenever you are designing creatives for social media campaigns.

When your image or video is too small, facebook or other social platforms will not allow you to upload it. To ensure you create the best quality experience for users, make sure you use the following sizes so that your images are not denied by the platform or worse, pixelated.

Facebook Single Image: 1200×628

Facebook Carousel: 1080×1080

Instagram Single Post: 1080×1080

Instagram Story: 1080×1920

Pinterest Post: It Varies

Pinterest post sizing varies depending on how much real estate you want your imagery to take up in the pinterest feed. You can upload almost any size of imagery onto pinterest but the suggested sizing is as follows:

  • 735 x adjusted to the preferred height

Facebook Cover Photo: 851×315

Facebook Profile Picture: 180×180

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