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Top 5 SEO Questions Clients Always Ask

November 16, 2016
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategic way to measure performance of your website on search engines like Google. This process is crucial in having a presence on the internet and can be extremely beneficial for the conversion and financial growth of your company. We find there are often recurring questions that come up about SEO, so we have compiled the top five questions and answers to help with your SEO efforts.

Is It Going To Be Measurable?

Measuring SEO is tricky for many reasons. The number one reason is that we don’t have keyword level metrics in Google Analytics, so we can’t directly tie conversions to a specific organic keyword. We can, however, measure the quality of traffic to a specific page and correlate keyword rankings. We base our keyword strategies on three different types of queries.

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These keyword buckets include transactional, informational, and navigational. Once we map targeted keywords to specific pages based on search intent, search volume, and competitive landscape, we then look at the traffic measurements on that page. We can determine if the traffic is qualified by assessing time one site, pages per visit, and the conversion rate. So there are ways to measure SEO, it just takes a lot more time to analyze and correlate the data.

How Do We Know If We Are Targeting The Right Keywords?

We look at a variety of ways to do this as I mentioned above. We narrow keywords down based on relevance and competition. We then access the traffic metrics in Google Analytics to further vet the value of the keywords.

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The metrics we look at are time on site, pages per visit, and conversion rate. If a page isn’t converting or has a low time on site, we will then look at the quality of the page and the content before assessing the target keywords.

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How Long Is It Going To Take To Improve My Rankings?

This is different for every site and industry. But when we do keyword research and map a site based off their authority, we typically start to see rankings within six weeks. Keywords tend to slowly climbing up the ranks from week to week, so we can forecast when keywords will start to trend onto page one.

If a site has a toxic link profile and has suffered a decline in traffic from a Penguin update, the site needs a month to start to rebound after we run a link detox. SEO is a long game and it’s very important to have an on-going SEO plan to stay competitive.

Why Do My Ranking Fluctuate From Week To Week And Why If We Are Investing In SEO Do We Go Down In Rankings Go Down Some Weeks?

That is just the nature of the beast. Watching keyword rankings is like investing in the stock market, you’ve just got to ride out the lows and trust it will go back up. When keywords fluctuate one to two positions a week, that’s normal fluctuation and isn’t something to be worried about.

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When keyword rankings bounce drastically up and down by ten positions, that is very unstable fluctuation and needs to be addressed. Our goal is to zero in on that keyword that’s fluctuation and assess the relevancy and content on that page. Once we focus in on the keyword we tend to see keywords stabilize and trend up.

PA And DA – What Should I Expect My DA To Increase By In A 6 Month Period?

DA is like the L curve chart. Increasing DA takes a long time and DAs tend to stay the same based off industry. For example, if your DA goes up from 41 to 43 in one month and then back down from 43 to 42, typically your competitors will do the same.

Increasing domain authority is dependant on acquiring high authority links from a variety of root domains. As anyone who has done digital PR and outreach knows, it takes time to build an authoritative diverse backlink profile with authoritative sites.

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