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SMS Live Conversions ⚡: How to Engage Customers 1-to-1 – At Scale

June 21, 2021
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By Power Digital and Voyage SMS


Conversion ⚡, much like texting itself, isn’t a one-way street.

Marketers know that it often takes several forms and occurrences of messaging to convert a lead into a buyer. Growth channels like SMS 📈 have extended the reach of eCommerce campaigns, but they haven’t changed this fact.

Similarly, while the open rates (as high as 98%, to email’s 15%) and click through rates (19% to email’s 2%) for SMS are excellent 📲🙌, even the first click after a blast or drip campaign doesn’t necessarily lead right away to a sale.

But there’s a way to quickly close this gap, through innovations 💡 in SMS eCommerce.

Next-Level SMS Engagement for Greater Loyalty and Revenue

Adding SMS to brand marketing channels will help (a lot) as an additional, hyper-targeted touchpoint, but it alone won’t transform an eCommerce sales pipeline.

But what if brands could engage in a dialogue with customers in a smarter, more direct way?

That’s why we’ve built Live Conversions ⚡ into Voyage SMS, to empower brands to interact 1-to-1 with customers where they are  – and level-up SMS engagement and drip campaigns.

With Live Conversions, SMS blasts become SMS chats with brand customers.

Highlight the Human in SMS eCommerce to Outperform the Competition

With Live Conversions, brands can:

  • Drive more revenue 📈 – Two-way chats are a proven driver of higher revenue, compared to one-way blasts. Give customers the text messaging eComm experience they want.
  • Prioritize top customers and hottest leads 🔥 – Focus efforts on customers with high LTV. Sort by hottest leads primed for follow-up, based on data-driven segmentation.
  • Click to Buy 💳 – Convert an abandoned cart in one swoop, by generating a single Click to Buy link that moves a ready buyer right to checkout.
  • Build loyalty 😊 – Generate increased brand stickiness by engaging with customers on an actual human level. Humans prefer this!
  • Learn from feedback 🤔 – Make better product decisions, and remain nimble in customer service through direct, 1-on-1 interactions.
  • Generate audit log ⚖️ – View opt-in and event history for specific customers, for compliance tracking.

This level of customer interaction is amazingly powerful but it takes attention and an expert touch. Voyage SMS offers Live Conversions as a service, to help our clients maximize the power of the tool. But brands can also take a DIY approach, with our knowledge base at their disposal.

How it Works: Deeper Segmentation

Live Conversions ⚡ takes segmentation and execution to the next level.

As an example, with Live Conversions, SMS marketers can:

  • Start with highest level segments ✔️ (such as all subscribers)
  • Refine down through a drip or other campaign 💎, using CTAs to create new segments
  • Apply filters to these new segments to target hottest leads 🎯
  • Engage directly with customers 📲🙌 from this strategically incisive baseline

Other powerful features include search and customer info 🗂️, so brands can come ready with key data. 

In this way, customers get what they want 🕺, with brands operating on a personal level even as their campaigns proceed at scale 📈.

SMS eCommerce Will Continue to Evolve

Brands have really only just begun to leverage the full potential of SMS eCommerce. The 1-to-1 interactivity offered by services like Live Conversions ⚡is the next step in the evolution of this powerful channel – with more to come 😉.

About Voyage SMS

Voyage SMS is the next-gen message commerce platform. We empower brands to drive revenue and grow and engage community through SMS, including through innovative features like Live Conversions ⚡. Request a demo today to start leveraging the highest-converting eCommerce technology on the market towards your sales goals.

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