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PR Coffee Chat: Understanding Influencer Outreach

June 1, 2017
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Using influencers has become an important marketing strategy for companies looking to increase engagement between consumers and their brands. Influencers have a loyal fan base that trust their opinions on products. In order to conduct successful influencer outreach, it’s crucial to understand the type of content and scope of audience each influencer brings to the table.

Top-Tier Vs. Micro Influencers

A “top-tier” influencer generally has a large audience, ranging anywhere from hundreds of thousands to millions of followers across their social media platforms. Because they have such a massive following, these influencers charge an equally massive sponsored fee reflecting the scope of their influence. Therefore, top-tier influencers are used to working with bigger brands that have marketing budgets allowing room for such large fees.

Here at Power Digital, we specialize in building relationships with “micro” influencers. These influencers have a lower number of followers compared to the top-tier influencers but still have a solid audience with anywhere from a few thousand to tens of thousands. A relationship with a micro influencer is perfect for smaller brands looking for exposure in niche markets without paying the premium sponsored fees of top-tier influencers.

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An advantage to working with lower tier influencers is the trust they have with their loyal fan base. They’re not promoting just any big-name products, but instead curating the products featured on their social media.

Whether you’re using a top-tier versus micro influencer, influencer outreach has become an important marketing strategy for companies to generate brand awareness. Influencers have become industry leaders that consumers trust as third-party liaisons between companies and products. Understanding the in’s and out’s of influencers helps to build even stronger reach for your brand.

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