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5 Businesses Who Scaled Their Business Through Influencer Marketing

August 4, 2018
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Today companies are shying away from traditional advertising techniques and moving their focus toward digital.This means establishing a strong social media presence and partnering with social media influencers to reach a larger, more targeted audience. Several brands have done this, and we’ve noticed the results. These five brands have successfully scaled their businesses through social media and influencer marketing across Instagram and Youtube.

Vital Proteins

Vital Proteins is a brand that creates protein-rich collagen in a powder consistency that can be easily mixed into any liquid. By utilizing Instagram and receiving several endorsements from influencer partnerships, Vital Proteins has established a strong Instagram presence and has  grown their account to over 314,000 followers.

To kick off their influencer campaigns, Vital Proteins created their own affiliate program.  Through the program, influencers are given a unique tracking link for the Vital Proteins products featured in their Instagram posts, which allows each influencer to earn 15% in commission of each sale made. By sharing that link with their audience and encouraging several users to check out the brand, influencers were not only driving brand awareness and educating users on Vital Proteins’ products, but they were also driving sales.

A popular health and wellness influencer, @ShutTheKaleUp, who holds an impressive 279K followers, is an example of an influencer who has positively contributed to Vital Proteins’ social media success. On July 17,  @ShutTheKaleUpposted a photo holding a green smoothie and tagged Vital Protein’s Instagram account, accompanied by a detailed caption explaining how clean products create clear skin. Not only is this post a positive endorsement to Vital Proteins’ brand, but a single post on her feed generates a significant amount of brand exposure. Approximately, 11,672 users liked the post and 432 users commented on the post.

The endorsement posts shared by influencers has played a major role in brand awareness of Vital Proteins and their social media success. With clean product photos, recipes showing how to use the product and boomerang videos all work to provide the user with a variety of content showcasing the product line in an inviting way that catches the consumers attention and leaves a memorable impression.

Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington creates watches with interchangeable straps in a minimalistic design. Their Instagram holds an impressive following of 4.2 million followers with frequent posts and reposts from successful influencers. Through influencer’s sponsored post on Instagram and Youtube Daniel Wellington became a brand almost anyone with a social media account has heard of.
Each influencer that features a Daniel Wellington watch in a sponsored post provides a unique promo code for their followers use, as motivation to purchase one of the watches at a discounted rate (ranging from 15-20% off). The promo code provides value for the company by allowing them to track which influencers had the most coupon code redemptions and drove the most sales from their unique code. With a heavy focus and investment on influencer marketing, Daniel Wellington has grown from being a small independent e-commerce store to a well-known global brand sold on other retailers like Nordstrom and Revolve.

Lulus has grown their online clothing store success through consistent collaborations and product features from influencers across Instagram and Youtube. Over the years, Lulus has grown their brand ambassador program which has spurred the creation of hashtags such as, #lovelulus and #lulusambassador. Their 1.3 million Instagram followers illustrates the tremendous success they’ve had over the past couple of years within social media and influencer marketing success. Although Lulus has had over hundreds of ambassadors and influencer posts throughout the years; their content is constantly changing with a variety of clothing and style options always remaining on trend.


Glossier is a fairly new, yet, increasingly successful beauty and health brand with the motto, “Skin first. Makeup second”. Their products have a clean and simple appeal that have been showcased in flat lay photos as well as videos demonstrating how various influencers use their products. This company has influencers spearheading their marketing campaigns. Through tagging @glossier in posts or using the #glossier hashtag in the comment section of the posts, influencers have created a large footprint across social media through photos and videos that have inspired followers to follow their lead and purchase Glossier products. Glossier’s products are all used to create the currently trending minimal dewy makeup look that beauty lovers are routinely seeking to recreate. With high resolution images and videos portraying desirable results it’s no surprise Glossier has made a place for itself in countless posts and collections.

Sand and sky

Sand and Sky is an Australian based face mask company that took over social media in just a couple years with their face mask made of ingredients indigenous to Australia. When the product first launched it appeared on numerous micro-influencers accounts and even a few macro-influencers like, Huda Kattan and Jefree Star. Besides traditional photo posts, influencers have taken a new creative approach by creating fun videos of them applying and removing the product in their skincare videos. Sand and Sky uses Instagram as their primary marketing tool which has served them success have a broad international audience that can’t stop posting about their love for the product.

The five companies mentioned are just a few cases illustrating the value influencers provide brands looking to create more content and take their brand to the next level. If you’re looking to promote your brand to a wider audience it’s wise to take note of the tips and tactics these brands used to become popular names in the social media realm.

With the social media world creating new algorithms and features overnight it’s challenging to predict which direction influencer will take next. Here are a few Influencer Trends and Predictions for 2018 that we expect to see this year.

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