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Power Digital Soapbox Series: Baron Davis

February 2, 2023
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Having candid conversations with other people about life, experiences, and knowledge is critical to individual growth. Understanding another individual’s journey and how they got to where they are today is a great way to learn and carve a path toward your own success. For this reason, Power Digital decided to create the Soapbox Series. The purpose of this series is to have conversations with informed, impactful individuals across all industries to learn about their lives, gain insight into important lessons, and ask questions.

Meet our Soapbox speaker: Baron Davis

This just in from Power Digital’s offices: we had the legendary NBA All-Star Baron Davis join our Soapbox Series to speak to our team, and what an inspirational session it was.

Beyond a stellar career as a professional athlete, Baron is a creative business maven, an investor and an outspoken advocate for underrepresented communities, especially in the VC and entrepreneur space.

We loved hearing how he got his start in the business world by investing in Vitamin Water. Instead of securing a marketing deal, his curiosity led him to go for equity, instead. The rest is history (and a little bit of luck!).

Since then, he has invested in multiple companies, including Hims, Triller, Sleeper, and more, taking a hands-on approach where he always looks to add value to the founder through his expertise and his network.

Thank you, Baron, for sharing your story with our team.


Baron Davis Soapbox Episode:

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