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How To Effectively Maximize Your Press Coverage

February 18, 2021
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One common mistake many brands make is they fail to leverage press coverage in their other marketing efforts. While choosing not to repurpose top-tier news will not necessarily have a negative impact on your business in any way, taking advantage of this opportunity to bolster your brand image, credibility and ultimately drive new consumer interest is something worth using to your benefit whenever you can.

Below, we outline just a few ways you can add value to media coverage.

Craft Branded Creative Assets 

The creative should clearly highlight the outlet and the message you are trying to convey to your audience, whether that be in the title of the article or a quote from the writer.

Highlight Coverage on Social Media

Since their inception, platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have enhanced the reach of earned media. While earned media has always held value, brand visibility and consumer interaction on social is more immediate. Read some of Twitter’s best practices for leveraging press on the platform here. While originally crafted for journalists, the outline provides some valuable nuggets of information for brands to keep in mind as well.

Integrate Into Paid  Social 

A successful paid social strategy will incorporate earned media in that it will leverage the earned press coverage as a way to target consumers, showing proof of concept and third-party validation. Putting ad-spend behind creative assets that highlight exciting press wins will help you reach new audiences and engage your existing consumer-base, not to mention potentially drive new leads.

Incorporate in Email Campaigns

Messaging Best Practices: There are two different ways to leverage news coverage in email marketing messages. 

  • Included in Curated Newsletter: This option includes a link to the news coverage within a larger newsletter that also includes featured blog posts, company news, product updates, etc. Usually this would be featured as a dedicated section within the larger newsletter. Examples below:

Pro Tip: Use this option when you have a lot of coverage to share or if you already send out a newsletter to your audience on a weekly or monthly basis. 

  • Dedicated Email About Coverage: In this option, the entire email is about the news coverage and doesn’t contain any other messages. This email teases out the content and links out to coverage (on the publication or reposted on your blog or website). Examples:

Pro Tip: Use this when you have a full advertorial written about your business on a prominent publication.

Utilize News Coverage in Transactional / Automated Emails

Make sure your news coverage is always working for you by adding quotes and logos to your automated or triggered emails such as Abandoned Cart  Sequences, Welcome Sequences and Win-Back Sequences to add credibility and social proof. Examples below:

Get Tracking in Place

Use a tool like Sniply when broadcasting out your recent news coverage. A tool like this allows you to add a CTA on the news coverage (yes, directly on the publication!) pushing people back to your website to learn more and shop. Other benefits:

  • Use it to capture email addresses directly on the piece of coverage
  • Track conversions that come from your email → news coverage → back to website
  • Retarget users who view the news coverage using paid advertising

Leveraging press coverage on multiple channels can help further your brand image and positioning by drawing more attention to the key messages highlighted within the article. One thing to remember: having a team that can guarantee all marketing channels are working in an integrated manner is the first step to any strategy. 

If you’re interested in taking your brand awareness to the next level, reach out and our team of experts would be thrilled to share additional insight on how you can drive more value and interest with press wins.

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