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How to Drive E-commerce Growth With Meta’s New Advantage+ Shopping Feature

November 10, 2022
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iOS14 was quite the shift for many brands that relied on Facebook ads as their primary revenue driver. The loss of signal was terrifying, and previously winning ad accounts experienced a significant drop in results. Campaign strategies had to radically change, and the future of Meta ads was uncertain… until now.

Meet Advantage+ Shopping, Meta’s first major product rollout post-iOS14. It’s their response to the struggles of advertisers suffering from signal loss. Advantage+ Shopping is a brand new algorithm and campaign type that combines all Meta best practices post-iOS14 in a single, clean campaign structure. Instead of trying to fix the old algorithm, Meta decided to rebuild it from the ground up with signal loss in mind.

While still in its early days, Power Digital’s clients are currently seeing an average of 26% lower CPAs and 58% higher ROAS vs. BAU across the board. It’s also important to note that the feature hasn’t been rolled out to everyone just yet; brands working with partners like Power Digital have early access to this beta. Let’s explore what this new Meta feature means for growth marketing.

Advantage+ Shopping in a nutshell

  • Advantage+ Shopping leads to cheaper costs and more performance stability. How?  Through broad targeting, automatic placements and consolidation, it allows brands to create a full customer journey experience in a single ad set with the controls needed to differentiate between new and existing customers to drive new customer growth.
  • Advantage+ Shopping also leads to less creative fatigue at scale. Brands can upload up to 150 active ads while combining catalog-objective Dynamic Product Ads alongside regular statics/videos, all within the same ad set. This allows Meta to see the entire user journey in a single ad set, giving the platform full visibility into which ads are contributing to the success of top performers. Ultimately, this moves advertisers out of the learning phase faster than ever before. 
  • Across initial studies, Meta has shared that they’ve seen Advantage+ Shopping drive 17% lower CPAs and 32% higher ROAS vs. BAU.
  • Across Power Digital, we’re currently seeing an average of 26% lower CPAs and 58% higher ROAS vs. BAU.

Although initial in-engine and Google Analytics performance is strong, our team is currently validating this data through incrementality testing and additional sources of truth. Overall though, this new campaign type shows a ton of early promise for driving growth.

Have you tested Advantage+ Shopping? If you are looking for a partner to help you scale your paid social efforts, get in touch with us. 

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