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How to Create B2B Personas for More Effective Marketing

September 19, 2019
Table of Contents

For any company, conducting research into your audience is essential in order to accurately understand who your target persona actually is and know how to reach them with marketing tactics. Many companies think they have an idea of who their audience is, but if you don’t have the data to backup your notion, you could be missing the mark entirely. 

This is uniquely crucial in the B2B space, as the marketing and sales strategy to reach these unique audiences is different than the oftentimes more straightforward B2C efforts. 

Discover how to create customer personas for B2B marketing to enhance your digital marketing strategies and performance. 

Research your Buyer Personas 

It’s important for content marketers to get granular to really define and differentiate the various audiences. Do research into some of the following: industry, company title, demographics, motivations and goals. 

You can do this research process online and/or talk to your sales team to establish goals and objectives. 

Formalize Your Research

The next important step is to actual concretize the research you’ve done so you have one source that defines each persona template and all relevant aspects about him/her. There are many different forms this can come in, but having one sheet will enable you to disseminate the information to all members of your team. It can also serve as a guiding light to which you & your team consistently refer to in all marketing campaigns and communications efforts. 

Deploy Personas into Strategy 

Once you have a clear understanding of your target user personas, you will then be able to integrate your insights about him/her into your various digital marketing or communications tactics. Use your understanding of the persona’s goals, motivations, challenges and objectives to help inform your sales enablement materials, your communications and your marketing efforts. 



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