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How to Collect Zero Party Data to Deliver Personalized Experiences

December 14, 2021
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It’s harder than ever to collect data from customers – here’s how and why attributes and reviews are the keys to success.

Consumers today have high expectations. They want a brand to understand their unique needs and deliver personalized experiences geared towards their interests and requirements – if they don’t get this, there’s enough choice for them to find it elsewhere.

So, for merchants, it’s crucial to get to know customers to create an enjoyable and memorable customer journey. It also goes a long way in building an online community. Here’s the catch: recent app updates and the data privacy concern have made it hard for brands and marketers to get the consumer data they need to serve a truly personalized experience. 

This is where zero party data comes into play. It lets you collect information that customers willingly hand over, including certain attributes like clothes size, age, and skin type. If you’re quick, you can start collecting zero party data ahead of BFCM to capitalize on the increased traffic you’ll get to your site during this busy time of year. 

What is Zero-Party Data and Attributes?

When we talk about attributes, we mean objective details about your customers that can help segment them so you can provide laser-focused content and information. The attributes you collect will depend on the type of products you’re selling and the industry you’re in, but they can include size, age, gender, hair color, skin type, and other consumer data. 

You can collect zero party data from reviews and attribute checkboxes customers can click when they share their experience with you. 

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The Different Types of Zero Party Data You Can Collect By Industry


Workout clothes are worn by people of all shapes and sizes who do different kinds of sports. Someone who wears leggings for yoga is going to have different requirements to someone who wears them for weight lifting or running. And, knowing what sport a customer prefers or their body shape can help you deliver personalized messages based on that information. 

Born Primitive collects zero-party data via attributes like: 

  • Size
  • Height
  • Performance 
  • Sport of choice 


Humans are wildly different when it comes to beauty. Skin color, type, age, and gender all have a part to play in the types of beauty products a customer will be interested in. Understanding the unique differences between shoppers means you can share the right product recommendation based on their individual requirements and behavioral data. 

Ilia collects zero party data via attributes like:

  • Age
  • Skin type
  • Skin tone
  • Undertone
  • Main skin concern 

Home and Accessories

While homeware isn’t quite as unique as skincare and clothing, you can still collect zero party data based on customer preferences and behavioral data. Maybe you can discover they live in a tiny home, or they are buying items for their kids, or they prefer sustainable materials.

BruMate collects zero party data via attributes like:

  • Age
  • Use or the reason for purchase

Food and Beverage 

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to food and drink. Some people have allergies, others have dietary requirements, and even more have preferred flavors or favorite ingredients. 

Amora Coffee collects zero party data via attributes like:

  • How customers brew their coffee
  • How customers drink their coffee
  • Their favorite product features

Car Parts and Accessories

There are thousands of different types of cars, and people use their vehicles for a wide range of different reasons. Knowing this information can help you serve relevant messages geared towards what a customer drives and how they drive.

Scrubblade collects zero party data via attributes like:

  • Type of vehicle
  • Age

Electronics and accessories

It feels like everyone has a different opinion on the electronics they use, and customers use different tech accessories based on their circumstances and lifestyle. User-generated content marketing such as reviews can help brands in this industry find out more about their customers. 

Nomad collects zero party data via attributes like: 

  • Age
  • Gender
  • How often or for how long the customer has used the product for
  • What customers use the product for

How to Use the Zero Party Data You Get From Attributes

Collecting zero party data gives great insights into your customers’ unique wants and needs, but it’s not enough to just collect it and leave it to gather dust. Instead, use this marketing strategy to make the most of it and create a personalized interactive experience:

  • Send personalized product recommendations based on a customers favorite sport or the way they drink their coffee
  • Create targeted ad campaigns based on a customer’s age or skin type 
  • Segment customers based on how often they buy products from you for building customer loyalty
  • Better understand your audience so you can tailor messages and product descriptions to match their needs 

Zero Party Data is the Crux of Personalized Experiences

New laws have made it harder than ever for merchants to access customer data. This makes it tricky to deliver a personalized experience and create unique customer journeys for each and every shopper. Collecting attributes and zero party data via reviews will help you supercharge your marketing campaigns and improve customer experience. 


Author: Lindsay Kolinsky, Partner Marketing Manager, Okendo

About Okendo:

Okendo is THE customer review platform for fast growing Shopify brands. An Official Google Reviews partner and trusted by 3,500+ high-growth consumer brands such Netflix, SKIMS and Bite, Okendo has all the tools brands need to capture and showcase high-impact social proof through the online buying journey. Learn more about our unique review capture process, blazing fast display widgets and extensive Klaviyo integration at


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