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How TikTok and Amazon Have Created a Viral Superstorm

August 19, 2021
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With the ever-growing online presence of TikTok, brands (big and small) have been able to utilize the viral nature of the app to their advantage as a way to promote their product(s). Since taking the Internet by storm during the  March 2020 quarantine, TikTok has amassed over 1 billion users, as of June 2021, in the United States alone. The app’s rewarding algorithm breeds a special kind of  “overnight success” to users, a unique element popularly used by Amazon.

Amazon, naturally, weaved itself into the app’s e-commerce realm through influencer partnerships and organic user-generated content. What has come to be known as the “I Found It On TikTok” phenomenon most likely is connected to products sourced on Amazon through an affiliate link. This came to fruition with Amazon’s Storefront program. Influencers with over 10K followers are able to apply to have an Amazon Storefront where they categorize and link their favorite products via one, swift link in their TikTok bio. 

This has allowed for Amazon and TikTok to mutually obtain massive growth in sales, as there will always be a demand for on-trend products, keeping the circle of virality always moving. 

The Big Three: Amazon, TikTok, and Gen Z

The product recommendation empire that has taken over Gen-Z has proved to be impactful for Amazon’s continual success on this platform and beyond. Gen-Z, roughly ages 16-24, dominates the app’s demographic and helps to drive the success of trending products and businesses. The unique element of this dynamic allows for Amazon to benefit from organic UGC content. From “Top 10 things in my Amazon Cart” to “You Need This Amazon Kitchen Gadget” and even popular hashtags like #tiktokmademebuyit or #amazonfinds, the possibilities are truly endless. Part of TikTok’s success can be attributed to their community of product suggestion videos that largely take up the platforms aside from dance, comedy, or cooking content. 

Thus, Gen-Z users are more inclined to actively search for and engage with content that adheres to a product of their interest, especially if it can be conveniently purchased on Amazon without leaving the app at all. As of June 2021, Amazon added an “Internet Famous” tab to their homepage that links viral products most likely found from TikTok, making things even easier for users.

organic social services

The Future of Social Commerce

So, why don’t other platforms like Instagram or Pinterest yield the same results? The answer is simple: online in-app shopping is taking over young audiences. Yes, Instagram and Pinterest have these features, but their users do not visit the app to actively seek new, trending products to purchase. 

Pinterest, while providing inspiration for products, can not provide a direct link to every image on the platform. To Gen-Z, Instagram is still a photo sharing app, whether the company states otherwise as IG Reels mirror as a TikTok copycat. 

In order to gain success as a creator or an Amazon-seller, take these social media management tips into consideration:

  • Microtrends pop up quickly and often
  • Users on TikTok typically impulse purchase through the app
  • Videos titled “Things You Didn’t Know You Needed From Amazon,”for example, garner a large response
  • Influencers who create an Amazon try-on or testing video create a buzz for new products via their storefront

The culture of e-shopping is ever-changing and it’s up to us as a digital marketing agency to recognize the path for opportunity with the “Big Three:” Tik Tok, Amazon, and Gen-Z. 


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