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How to Get More Followers on Twitter

March 30, 2018
Table of Contents

Talk to People Already Interested in What You Do

Do not cast a wide net blindly. Instead, use targeted keyword outreach to speak directly to people interested in and looking for what you offer. Your best bet on growing your audience is to capture those voices on Twitter that are talking about you or your product/service.

For instance, Infantino, a baby product line, has inserted themselves into conversations that are directly related to their products. This conversation below includes a problem-solution tactic in which an outside user is not only speaking to Infantino as a brand, but is thereafter likely to follow the brand and potentially convert on the product mentioned.

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How to Find Twitter Conversations

One way to find these conversations is by utilizing TweetDeck. Once you log in, you will find the capability to search on Twitter in the upper left-hand corner.

Enter your keywords into this area individually. For instance, if you are McDonald’s, you might enter “burger,” “cheeseburger,” “hamburger,” “fries,” “kid-friendly restaurant,” “fast food,” “I’m hungry,” “lunch,” “breakfast,” and so on. Once you search through the conversations that are pulled in, you will be able to see which keywords work well for your brand and which ones might take more time than they are worth. Whenever appropriately possible, enter your brand into conversations with ease.

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How to Measure the Success of Keyword Outreach

When done correctly, your brand will see numbers lift through this effort. Immediately, you will see increases in your reach, tweet impressions, and profile visits through your outreach efforts. You will also see your number of followers increase. When providing a link in your tweets, you will then see website traffic increase. If this does not sound enticing, let’s take an even deeper look into the positive outcomes of keyword outreach. Through reaching out to an interested user, your tweet is basically guaranteed to be viewed by that particular account. However, that tweet will also live on that person’s page and timeline. Therefore, it will be viewed by their following and further expand your net to more like-minded users. If responding to users on an individual basis does not appeal to your brand, there are other strategies to practice.

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Get Involved in Tweet Chats

Tweetchats are real-time hashtag conversations. Research what tweetchats are aligned with your brand and when they go live each week. Then, actively tweet within that chained conversation with the engaged users contributing to the tweetchat. This is a great way to place your brand as an authority in the space and on that particular subject. It also serves as great brand awareness to people active within your targeted subject of choice. From this activity, you should see profile visits, mentions, and following size increase. As you can see in the example below, Power Digital is highly active within tweetchats related to digital marketing.

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Content Strategies

Incorporate strategies within your tweets themselves, such as encouraging retweets as your CTAs. Moreover, create a branded hashtag for your following to use in order to increase brand awareness and drive social traffic back to your Twitter profile. If you are able to host a giveaway, do so on your Twitter profile and have an entry point be to retweet the post. This will increase your reach and capture more followers.

Accounts are rewarded for being social on Twitter. Just as you want your tweets to be retweeted, so you should retweet relevant tweets by non-competitors. This will increase your presence on the platform, your brand awareness to other accounts, and it will foster relationships on the platform that can become mutually beneficial for everyone involved.

Outside of the platform, have your staff insert a “Follow on Twitter” link in their email signature. All employees should be a brand advocate and continually spread interest in your brand. Each email can become a touch point for growing your following.

Wrapping Up

Overall, the best way to grow your Twitter following is by being highly active on the platform. Whether your brand decides to reach out to individuals, join a tweetchat party, or simply incorporate content strategies within posts, remaining active is key.

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