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Top 7 Facebook Engagement Posts

May 15, 2018
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We’ve all been that person that has been on Facebook continuously scrolling through the feed and never stops to actually interact with the post. That seems to be a challenge every marketer faces in the online, digital realm. From the amount of content users see on a daily basis, it’s important for your brand to find a way to break through the noise. Increasing engagement is the best practice for keeping your audience loyal to your brand. Engagement refers to any type of action that someone takes on your Facebook Page. This could include a liking a post, leaving a comment, sharing an update, and more.


Creating a captivating post to share on Facebook is key to have any success in a social strategy. Any eye-catching post will increase engagement and that will leverage your company in comparison to your competitors. To increase engagement, you need to post content that is relevant and personal. Your audience should feel connected to the post in some way. Engagement can further your organic reach which in turn can drive people to your website and even boost sales. The goal is to fabricate and foster a vibrant, active community that feels connected to your company and other customers.

Listed below are prime examples that you can utilize to increase your Facebook engagement.

Fill in the Blank

This is a great way to encourage a response from your audience. They are able to express their creativity and show off their own smarts. A fill-in-the-blank post is perfect for inviting customers to provide their own unique input helps get the conversation going.  

You can try these on your Facebook Page:

  • My favorite meal to make is ____.
  • I always pack my ____ when I go hiking.
  • I couldn’t live without my ____ while traveling with my kid(s).

Spot the Difference

Who doesn’t love the classic game of “I spy with my little eye?” This is a fun and playful way to get your audience solely focused on your post. They’re able to share with you and other online members their finding. Plus, everyone loves a little challenge!

Try this on your Facebook Page by taking any photo and simply making any minor adjustment to it. Make it as easy or as difficult as you want it to be. Your fans will have fun playing along no matter the case!

Tag a Friend

Encouraging your consumer to tag a friend not only increases engagement through a comment but also helps spread your business through word of mouth! When people tag their friends, their recommendation is taken more into consideration due to their credibility and trustworthiness.

Here are a few examples for you to try on your Facebook Page:

  • Tag your best friend you would watch the sunset with!
  • Tag a friend you want to dance in the desert with!
  • Tag your friend you’d share your ice cream with!

Comment With a GIF

A Graphics Interchange Format, more popularly known as a GIF, is a humorous way to get your audience talking! Facebook makes it super easy by including a button directly in the comments section.

Asking your customers to comment with a GIF lets them express their creativity in a quick and simple manner. This post strategy is guaranteed to get people commenting and laughing.

Try using one of these on your Facebook Page:

  • Using a GIF, share what you prepared for a delicious dinner last night!
  • Comment below using a GIF what your Monday mornings look like.
  • Post a GIF showing how clean your car is!


Creating a poll makes it easy to capture the attention of your audience. It not only encourages them to vote on what they like but also boosts your overall Facebook page engagement. People love voicing their own opinions and a poll makes it easy to do so.

You can use Facebook polls to discover audience interests, determine product preferences, get customer feedback, and relate back to your audience. Just be certain the question you ask aligns with your brand and the message you want to get across.


This strategy can be done in different ways but is suitable for many companies to use. Adding a funny, relatable quote is a sure fire way to get customers engaged. People love sharing humorous content on their pages that they believe their friends will enjoy too.


Running a giveaway on your Facebook Page is the perfect way to promote your business. Giveaways increase engagement with your current customers, assist in finding new potential leads, and boost your overall brand image. To run a successful giveaway, it’s important to set goals, determine your target audience, choose a prize that aligns with your brand, and determine the type of giveaway and the rules that go with it. If you want your customer to like, comment, tag friends, etc., you must specify that in your caption.  Everybody loves free stuff, so this a post they will not ignore!

Giveaways can be used by any company across different industries. Choose a prize that reflects what your company has to offer and your audience will love, then the entries will start flooding in.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have more insight on how to improve interactions with your audience, you’re ready to apply that to your Facebook Page. Having strong engagement is important for any company to stay connected to their fans. Create posts that are not only relevant to today’s topics, but also resonates with them on a deeper level. Using the tactics and examples shown above, you can incorporate them into your own Facebook Page strategy and watch your engagement grow.


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