Are You Selling Yourself Short on Your Facebook Reporting?

Mike Opera
By Mike Opera

What are some of the metrics that you use to measure the brand awareness of your campaigns? Reach? Impressions? Clicks?

Surely, these are important metrics, but reach and impressions can be directly correlated with budget increases and not necessarily a well performing ad. Want to really know how well people are liking your ad?

Here’s Standard Reach, Impressions, And Clicks That Advertisers Report On:


This ad reached 310,000 individuals and left 520,386 impressions while driving 5,692 clicks.

Great right?

Well, Go Check Out The Social Engagement Metrics Within Facebook’s Reporting


I find that most Facebook advertisers don’t check these out at all but they are extremely useful to see how well your ad is being received from a social perspective.

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Social Reach, Social Impressions, and Social Clicks occur when a user discovers your ad through a friend engaging with it. For example, if someone shares your ad, all of their friends that see your ad from the person’s profile, will be considered social reach because they wouldn’t have seen that ad had the initial person didn’t share the ad.

Let’s Take The First Example’s Data:


That’s 70,321 additional people, 131,196 impressions, and 1451 additional clicks that occurred because people liked your ad enough to comment, share, click, like, etc.

That’s a big number!

Always remember: Facebook wants to serve the best content possible. If Facebook became solely ads, no one would use it. That’s why they want to reward you by pushing engaging content out.