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7 Ways to Boost Sales & Capitalize on Brand Lift for Labor Day 

August 11, 2022
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Labor Day Cheat Sheet: 7 Ways to Boost Sales & Capitalize on Brand Lift for Labor Day 

Labor Day is just weeks away. Here are 7 things ALL brands should be thinking about to capitalize on brand lift and bolster sales:

1. Launch your holiday-specific offer ONE WEEK prior.

The early bird gets the worm…in this case the worm is consumer market share.

2. Increase the promo amount as Labor Day weekend approaches.

Here’s what this looks like:

Monday, Aug 29th – Thursday, Sept 1st – Lowest offer. Make sure this promo is still higher than your evergreen new customer acquisition offer. (ex: 20% off sitewide)

Friday, Sept 2nd + Sunday, Sept 4th – Increase the offer. This period is “peak sale” so it’s important to offer a promo that can compete in this ambitious landscape. (ex: 30% off sitewide)

Monday, Sept 5th (Labor Day) – Steepest offer. (Ex: “Last chance – 35% off sitewide”) Consider extending these ads until Tuesday, Sept 6th if you do this prep “24 hr sale extension” ad copy ahead of time.

3. Feature detailed product-focused sale creative.

Typically, product + model shots with sale messaging overlay perform the best.

4. Avoid cliche “Labor Day Sale” language.

Create a compelling name that hooks your customers! Example: “So-Long Summer Sale”

5. Message the highest percent off that accurately represents the sale.

If you’re offering “20% off sale” but those products are already “up to 60% off sale”, consider messaging “Up to 80% off. sale”

6. For paid social ads specifically, message the highest number % off in the headline space.

This is the largest font text that you have access to, outside of copy overlay on the creative.

7. Avoid pushing summer products only.

While it’s tempting to discount summer items in an effort to move product, consider the seasonal consumer mindset and feature demand products (fall).



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