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5 Great Examples of Spotify Advertising

January 28, 2019
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With the introduction of Spotify’s Self-Serve platform, audio advertising has found new life. Also, considering that Facebook has been coming out with partnerships with the Spotify platform, I believe that this is just the beginning for the Spotify advertising capabilities. While only time will tell, we wanted to showcase some creative ways that the platform has been used thus far and get your creative juices flowing for the future. Spotify’s advertising campaign is a prime example of what digital marketing can do for brand growth. The use of a digital marketing agency could be just the thing your company needs to bring more brand awareness.

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PepsiMax is a perfect example of a great use of Spotify Advertising. Having identified that their customer base is more likely to drink a Pepsi when the weather heats up, they partnered with an events company and sponsored Summer Events. To gain awareness of the events, they advertised in the local areas of the venue. They used over 650 customized audio spots targeting people 18-49. Each audio spot focused on a summer event. The localized and personalized event was so successful that it drove a 155% life in ad recall.

Users who saw the campaign were 34% more likely to agree that “PepsiMax is the #1 tasting no-sugar cola.” The PepsiMax creative message was so well executed and easy to understand in the advertisement that it achieved a 52% ad recognition. Also, 65% of the Spotify listeners exposed to the ad campaign agreed that it was intended for people like them, 8% higher than benchmarks. This goes to show how powerful a localized approach can be. Combined with the incredible amount of personalization that they put into their ad spots, this Spotify ad campaign was a complete success.

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Jose Cuervo is another brand that had great success with Spotify advertising. Jose Cuervo launched a marketing campaign to reach college students in the United Kingdom by sending out an ad asking for individuals to submit their favorite playlists. The playlists were then given to the public for them to vote. The winning Spotify playlist won a concert at their university headlining Hot Chip and the Maccabees. This campaign gained so much traction that it got more than 270,000 views on Spotify. It also drove up sales at the school that won the party by 220%.

Lastly, another brand that is doing a great job on the Spotify platform  is a gym chain that offers high-level amenities at a low price and is quickly growing nationally. One of the biggest issues they were facing was brand awareness for their new locations. To combat this, they identified Spotify as an effective way to gain more attention. Spotify was a great fit for this brand because what do people typically do when they are working out… Listen to music! They also are typically not scrolling through their phone on Facebook or Instagram, so the other traditional mediums made it more difficult to reach their core demographic when they were in the correct headspace.

So with the platform identified, they geo-targeted the city of their new gyms and applied an overlay of people who listen to “Fitness” playlists. One of the criteriums you can target is the type of playlists people listen to, as well as what genres they listen to. Now the brand could be certain that they were not only targeting people within a reasonable radius of their gym but also are the most likely working out. The advertising campaign saw so much success that they actually saw an uptick in their brand interest in Google through Google trends within the city they were advertising.

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Overall, there are so many different ways to utilize Spotify and with the new self-serve platform, there is still so much innovation to be had.




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