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3 Reasons Your Brand Should Be Advertising on Spotify

July 27, 2018
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The streaming powerhouse Spotify has recently announced its expansion of its public beta, allowing brands and companies to create audio ads for its platform. Advertisers can either upload a script where Spotify will provide the voiceover, or upload audio that is 30 seconds long. Accompany the audio with a 640 x 640 image with clear branding and a call to action, and you have a Spotify ad.

Spotify is just another platform to get in front of your target audience and ensure that your brand is being exposed to them literally everywhere; including in between their favorite tunes. Spotify Ad Studio makes it easier than ever to reach the right people in the right moment. Businesses of all sizes have the ability to utilize Spotify ads and here are 3 reasons why your brand should be advertising on Spotify too!

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99 Million Active Subscribers

Spotify has 170 million active users and of that, 90 million are listening through Spotify’s ad-supporter free tier. That’s an extremely large pool of engaged listeners that advertisers can target via their self-serve audio ad platform. And they’re not just blindly listening – Spotify’s listeners are choosing to listen to their favorite tunes, rather than just putting something on to serve as white noise in the background.

Ear Time is Limitless

Data from Spotify shows that the average listener spends 148 minutes streaming either music or podcast each day. Users are also listening from the moment they wake up in the morning up until they’re ready to turn in for the night. Listeners are streaming the audio they want, whenever they want it and wherever they want it. This gives advertisers a huge opportunity to increase exposure about their brand or company in between songs!

Audio also allows you to reach your audience when visual ads can’t – while driving, while working out, etc.

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, American drivers spend about 293 hours driving each year. With many users choosing music streaming platforms over listening to the radio, that is a lot of time that can be utilized for ads!

Targeting Options

For your general demographic targeting, you can target by location, age, and gender. To get even more granular, you can target based on a listening platform/device. This includes iOS, Android and Desktop.

Another great targeting feature is by listening behavior. You can target your ad based on your audience’s music tastes. From here, you can choose between:

  • All Music: Reach as much of your audience as possible across all music tastes
  • Genre: Target your audience based on specific music tastes
  • Playlist Category: Target people in your audience who are listening to music tailored to specific activities and moods (I.E. Workout playlists, cooking playlists, etc.)

This is where you can get creative with your targeting. Does your company sell healthy food? You can target people listening to the “Cooking” or even “Workout” playlists.

Think outside of the box and find out what your target audience’s interests are!

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Wrapping Up

According to a Nielsen brand study, audios ads have shown a 24% lift in recall in comparison to traditional display. Spotify ads are a new and innovative way for smaller to medium sized businesses to grow brand awareness.

With that being said, Spotify’s continued growth isn’t something to ignore. With their growth, their advertising platform will grow as well, so it’s important to see how this platform can strategically fit into your digital marketing efforts.

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