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4 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do on Facebook

April 12, 2017
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It’s no secret that a successful Facebook page comes down to more than just frequent posting and a large audience. In order to grow a highly trafficked, successful Facebook page you need high engagement. This means you need the right content (optimized correctly!) shown to the right people.

Whether you have a large Facebook following or are just starting out, it is important to correctly optimize your content and keep your audience engaged. We have 4 secret tricks up our sleeve to help make your Facebook content better than ever!

You Can Publish Posts To Be Viewed By Only Specific Geographic Regions Or Demographics

Whether you’re throwing a local event or running a sale that only makes sense for a certain demographic, this is a great way to make sure you are reaching only the right people with your social posts. You can set your “Preferred Audience” which will make a certain audience more likely to see your posts.

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The other option is to set “Audience Restrictions” which will keep a specific group of people from seeing your posts. Your Preferred Audience can be set based on interests, while Audience Restrictions can get down as specifically as age, location, and gender.

To do so, click the “target” option as you are setting up your post. This will allow you to set both your Preferred and Restricted Audiences on your organic posts.


You Can Change The Image For Any Link That You Share (And The Headline!)

Maximize your clickable landscape and post call-to-actions by creating your own customgraphics for any links you post on Facebook. While Facebook will automatically pull in an image whenever you share a link, you don’t actually have to use the preset image.

To better optimize any links shared, develop your own graphic sized 1200×628 pixels toaccompany your link. We suggest experiment with adding a call-to-action and button on these graphics as well. However, keep in mind the 20% text rule if you plan to put a budget behind your post.

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After you’ve created and uploaded your custom image, next think about customizing your headline and description. The headline of your link post will be your strongest call-to-action so don’t trust what is automatically pulled in! Rather than the name of your site or the article, provide value in the headline with an eye-catching fact or a sneak peak that would encourage your audience to click through!

Pro Tip: Delete out the URL that you’re sharing too! You don’t need it!





Invite People Who Like Content To Like Your Page

If you have a post that goes viral, or if you boosted it to an audience that doesn’t follow your page, you can leverage all of those extra likes! When you look at all of the people that have interacted with a post you’ll see three options: Invite, Invited, or Liked.

You now have the ability to click through and “Invite” all of those who have not liked your page before to become a fan. This then sends a personal invite to each member you invited.This is a great way to grow your audience in a more natural way than running a Page Likes campaign (and allows you to double dip on your boosted post benefits!).

Unfortunately, if you have over 100,000 fans Facebook actually does not allow you to invite others to like your page.


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Restrict Certain Words From Being Said On Your Page

Not all activity is good activity. As your page size grows, you may lose some control over every conversation that is being had on your page. A great way to moderate (and save some time) is to set word restrictions on your page. We recommend excluding all profanity immediately, but chances are there are other words that would be helpful for you to restrict as well. Pay close attention to the way people talk on your page to build a successful list of restricted words.

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You can set your restrictions by going to “Settings” then scrolling down to “Page Moderation”. From here you can set your word exclusions. If a keyword you list is used in a post or comment, it will automatically be marked as spam and hidden from the page. Keep in mind you can also exclude certain ages and countries. This can come in helpful if you sell a product that isn’t available in a certain country or requires that you must be a minimum age to buy.


These 4 tips will help you optimize your content appropriately and make sure it is shown to the right demographic. Additionally, they will help you better moderate your page and get the most out of your posts! Facebook offers many settings, posting features, and profile options to make sure you are getting the most out of your Facebook page.

Make sure you spend some time setting up your social profile bios, optimizing your settings, and tabs to give your audience the best experience possible.  Learning all the secret tips and tricks of Facebook can help you better understand their algorithm and increase the overall success of your page.




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