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4 Social Media Posts to Boost Engagement

March 15, 2017
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A brand’s social media profile plays a major factor into their visible credibility. The more followers and engagement a brand has on social media, the more a product seems to be valued, dependable, and desired. Furthermore, the more likable a brand’s voice is, the more likely a user will follow its profile. The content within a brand’s profile has never been so important and so scrutinized. It has become essential to produce content that an audience will love and continue coming back to for more.

A solution to this ever probing, ever changing interest is to strategically incorporate posts that drive engagement and complement promotional posts. While promotional posts increase traffic to a brand’s website, engagement-driving content gets your content in front of faces. Here are four examples of simple, yet effective fluff posts to surge your brand’s social presence:

Build Your Brand & Stay Relevant With Themed Quotes

Regularly themed posts give a brand a break from their usual product/service informational selling points. It allows for a lighthearted and fun engagement with the targeted audience, whether it be wishing them a great weekend with a pun-intended TGIF punch line or inspiring them with a Motivational Monday quote. Whatever it may be, this post is an opportunity to branch out to new people who, following the former examples, are looking forward to the weekend or need that extra push on Monday morning. By making this a regular habit, the profile gains a pattern that should be aesthetically appealing to viewers.

Keep Your Audience Engaged By Posing A Question

These posts really drive engagement when presented in a way that accurately fits the target audience because they call for immediate action in a carefree manner. For instance, if a picture is captioned, “Caption this,” or “Describe your ex using one emoji,” users are likely to flood these posts with comments and are eager to share their creative ideas or simply bond over a common life event. Nevertheless, it is important that the content remains relative to the brand’s audience. A line that might work for Briogeo will be very different from a line that will work for Bob’s Red Mill.


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Create Posts That Initiate Tags Organically

This is otherwise known as posts with very clever sayings, such as those found in memes. Memes, or posts similar to memes, draw users to comment and tag a friend who would enjoy a good laugh or completely relate to the content presented. One of the best ways to create this content for a brand is to keep the topic relative to the brand’s service or audience demographic.

Enhance Your Follower Base Through Giveaways That Promote Your Brand

Giveaways that offer a free service or product to a winner can be a huge opportunity for gaining followers and engagement. The key to this is to set up the giveaway criteria to be along the lines of the following: A.) Follow the account, B.) Like the post, and C.) Tag 1, 2, or 3 friends. Obviously, the criteria can be more or less than these examples, but keep in mind that an increase in tasks may decrease the amount of entries depending on the enticement of the prize. Not only does a giveaway contest drive an increase in new followers, but it also allows the opportunity to pitch a selling point on the product being offered.

Wrapping Up

Although these posts drive engagement, product posts remain essential to a brand’s social content strategy as they serve as a main reason to having an account in the first place. Fluff posts like the examples above are fun and valuable, especially when creating a brand voice that is relatable and amicable to the public. Yet, meaningful content that shares why a brand stands out among the rest should be posted multiple times a week. These posts can include positive feedback from customers, authentic results, ingredient information, and the why’s, what’s, and how’s. Overall, a brand’s profile should be an accumulation of various types of posts that are relative to the community of focus and presented in a cohesive, aesthetically shaped fashion.


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