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novaInfluence used to be named after an office dog – but it’s hard to keep it on a leash. Influence is constantly looking at engagement on top influencers, categorizing them, and suggesting who would work best for your business.


Influencer data to help you make the right pick - and post.

When putting together an influencer campaign, it’s crucial to find the right fit. novaInfluence makes it easy to find the right genre of user, right industry, right engagement, and most of all: right audience. Our database of influencers makes it easier to get campaigns going and ensures your business is promoted by the right people.

Our team of strategists is constantly growing our database and adding qualified users. Keep your peace of mind by backing campaigns with technology.

novaInfluence allows us to:

Aggregate influencer data to provide insights for campaigns.

Categorize influencers in various ways to allow advanced filtering.

Maintain profiles easily and keep influencer data up to date.

Pinpoint campaign “fits” faster to get campaigns off the ground.


What people are saying
Megan Devin, Influencer Account Manager
"We spend hours building and crafting custom lists of influencers that fit our clients' needs and novaInfluence is the perfect tool to help make this process more efficient. The best part is that we can search influencers by their following size, niche, social channel, location, and even have insight into past partnership performance so we can make sure we are working with the best of the best. A lot of other influencer databases are full of low-quality influencers, so we found that we were having to dig through those lists and vet them again. We wanted to make sure novaInfluence didn't have this problem so we only add influencers that we know are authentic and great brand partners."
Megan Devin, Influencer Account Manager
What people are saying

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