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novaCommand is a one stop shop for our team on all things resources, trainings, tools, and financials. Live data from nova’s warehouse ports into the platform, giving our managers, directors, and employees real time performance and efficiency metrics to help drive our company day to day.


A one and done platform that does one thing: makes our team more efficient.

By combining our financials, team bandwidth, and incoming sales, we are able to make decisions based on data. novaCommand allows our team to make the right decisions on the fly, onboard new team members, and provide training in over 15 different areas of the business

As we grow, Command grows, with now over 4000 different resources for marketers.

novaCommand allows us to:

See financial data and goals in real time with accurate pacing.

Connect new team members to resources they need to accelerate their journey.

Develop efficiencies and teams for operations.

Warehouse video trainings and links as they are developed.


What people are saying
Britney Schroeder, VP of Operations
"novaCommand helps our team make informed decisions on everything from hiring to better training and developing our team. It's completely changed the way we view and optimize for operation efficiency by empowering us with real-time data."
Britney Schroeder, VP of Operations
What people are saying

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