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Why You Should Build Your Site on WordPress

August 29, 2017
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Many times when we decide to start our own website we try to figure out what would be the best platform to create it. Within the options, and depending what are your skills and experience related to web design or development, we could find drag and drop sites such as Wix, Squarespace, Weebly and such, which could give us a very easy way to build a site with no development skills required since everything comes to be through drag and drop features but not a 100% customizable.

Another option would be hiring some web developer to code the 100% of your site in some random programming language in which you will be overwhelmed every time you’ll need to change anything since you will be basically depending on your developer every time you need to update something.

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Those options don’t sound very convincing, right? Well, you probably have heard of WordPress. WordPress is a very nice platform that has been in the market for quite a time but many times comes to be ignored or misinterpreted as just a blog-type of a site or just because it is free. Well, these thoughts are wrong and here are some key points for you to know why WordPress is the best platform you can choose for a site.

Free Equals = Bad, Not Always

Sometimes a free product doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on quality. WordPress has been free to the public since the beginning and is open source, which means that you are allowed to edit and redistribute everything that you work on. Thanks to that, you can find multiple themes already built by other developers/designers which could help us save time in our projects. Due to the popularity that WordPress has, many hostings are now providing 1-click installation setup which saves inexperienced users lots of time and headaches.

No Coding, No Problem

One thing that I love about WordPress is how easy is to maintain the site even if someone else has built it for you. It is not like in other platforms, where what you need would depend completely on your developer to do any kind of changes.  WordPress offers a very intuitive dashboard which you can go easily to edit posts, pages, sliders, etc. without a single line of code that could stress yourself out.

For example, when you download a theme, everything comes right able to be customize and be easily edited by a non-developer user. Also, if you feel a bit overwhelmed with the WordPress’ settings, you can always check the beginner’s tutorials which can explain everything in great detail or even go to the theme’s documentation which would clarify everything better.

Is WordPress Just For Bloggers? Nope!

Maybe you are not aware of, but many of the top brands such as The Rolling Stones,Samsung, Forbes, Tech Crunch, and many others use WordPress. It would not matter if you are trying to create a small business site, a portfolio, a blog, an e-commerce site, WordPress would be able to fit all your requirements and satisfy you at the end-point of your project.

Also, WordPress comes to be 100% customizable, in other words, if you have developer skills, you can basically build whatever comes to mind and make it work on WordPress.

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It’s SEO Friendly

WordPress already comes with a good quality structure which attracts Search Engines. Due to the way that WordPress organizes any page you have built within your site, it makes it easier for the search engines to grab all the required information and have it well organized.

If you want to take your SEO to another level, we do recommend Yoast SEO Plugin, which would help your site to get and attract more visitors through the search engines.

Sites Are Constantly Secure

WordPress has been developing high-security standards since it has been created. Of course, hackers are constantly trying to break this platform by being one of the most used in these days. But, thanks to regular updates that WordPress provide, it is struggling for hackers and calming for us since the WordPress’ staff is constantly securing the platform against new threats.

Even though WordPress takes care the most part of the security for us, we still need do our part to keep our site safe, here are some points to remember.

  •    Always keep your site up to date.
  •    Use basic security tools such as WP Security & Firewall And Wordfence Security.
  •    Download trusted sources’ plugins only.
  •    Do not use admin as your username.

Big Community

The WordPress community is growing and growing, and this benefit us all, especially when we are looking for plugins, themes or just help. Thanks to the large number of developers working with WordPress nowadays we can easily find plugins for anything we have in mind.

Whether you are looking for just a slider, a photo gallery, popup maker, we are able to do this with vague or no development skills which could save us bunch of time instead of building one on our own.  Also, it comes to be very helpful when you start working on your own theme and start stressing yourself out, you can go over any WordPress blog and look for answer since you probably not being the first person feeling that and not the last one.

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