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What Does a Marketing Agency Do?

March 2, 2018
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In an ever-increasing, competitive marketplace, there are a variety of elements that can impact whether or not a company succeeds or fails. To succeed over the long term, a company needs to have a game plan in place and must stick to it religiously. This competitive strategy, however, cannot be set in stone; instead, it must be a living document of sorts that is updated and improved upon in congruence with new or upcoming trends within the marketplace. If they do not pay attention to emerging developments or factors, if they remain stodgily set in their ways, they will eventually lose ground to their competitors.

they will eventually lose ground to their competitors.

This often means involving a marketing agency to help them distinguish their product or service from that of their competitors. The end goal of this is to increase sales and profits through increased exposure and targeted exposure. If done correctly, this will have an immediate impact on any businesses numbers and performance. If the marketing efforts are implemented poorly, your company will drown, regardless of the efficacy of their good or service. Therefore, a marketing agency will help you optimize your potential for success by creating an effective marketing campaign that will help you shine above your competition. Below, we will discuss the various aspects of what a marketing agency brings to the table and why you should consider hiring a firm to help your company succeed to its fullest with a top-notch marketing plan.

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An Extension of Your Team

If hired, a marketing team firm will strategize ways to implement the business’ vision. The first way in which they create a marketing plan is through direct management of marketing channels. A marketing channel is, “The people, organizations, and activities necessary to transfer the ownership of goods from the point of production to the point of consumption. It is the way products, and services get to the end-user, the consumer; and is also known as the distribution channel.

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A marketing channel is a useful tool for management, and is crucial to creating an effective and well-planned marketing strategy.” In layman’s terms, a marketing channel is a precise path a seller employs to make a ready good or service available to the public for procurement. This is true whether you can buy the product directly from the seller or whether it is through a retail store, online store or from a salesman. So, the marketing agency will do its do diligence and find out exactly who your target audience is and how they would go about purchasing your good or service.

Today, these marketing channel decisions can be as important as the decisions made specifically about the product or service. Much of this is an ever-evolving consumer base; they have become more savvy, more discerning, more demanding. Because of this, consumers have grown accustomed to getting their way and getting it as soon as possible. Otherwise, there is hell to be paid. If you do not satisfy their immediate desires, they are more than happy to buy your competitors product. So, in a way, how a company sells its service has almost become more important for a company’s success than whatever it is they are selling.

A marketing team actively promotes and sells a product as it moves through its marketing channel to its company partners, also known as channel members. Companies aim to not only have a great marketing channel but fantastic channel-specific partners as well. A marketing company can help a company attract new customers and improve their bottom line.

Leveraging Channel Specific Marketing Experts

At PDM, we craft teams around each individual client and prepare a marketing strategy catered to your marketplace channel. We do careful analysis on not only your company, but your competitors as well, and we look for ways to set you apart from the competition. We study your consumer’s patterns and habits and develop strategies to speak to them in as direct a manner a possible. One of the ways we optimize this digital strategy process is by filling your team with strategic channel specific experts. Our goal is to provide you with highly skilled and specialized strategists to work on your brand’s growth. This person, or persons, will create a step-by-step plan, tailor-made to help you succeed.

They know the ins and outs of your industry; they know how other companies are targeting customers, and they know what they are doing right and wrong in the process. With PDM at the helm, we can help you improve and grow channel performance without having to hire a full-time marketing team member since we take complete ownership over your marketing channels and surrounding you with influential channel partners. This, in turn, keeps cost low on your end, especially when compared to hiring full-time people for each and every channel.

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A Digital Edge

We focus on discovering your brand’s requirements and then cultivating a digital strategy that helps to maximize your profits. Our goal is to increase efficiency, productivity, click through rates, conversion rates and return on investment. We focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), on collecting data and targeting your perfect potential consumers. If you do not already know who they are, we will help you determine who your ideal buyers are, and try to decipher how they go about their buying journey. Once we understand who your target audience is online, then we figure out the best way to reach them and the ideal message to send. We want to align your selling proposition with your buyer’s desires and bridge the gap between the two.  

As your marketing partner, we focus on growing and developing your online hub in such a way that you are able to showcase your brand and promote you as a market leader. From public relations to organic SEO to branding to web design, our full service marekting agency offers a number of different services to help your business shine.Through search engine optimization we will create content that establishes your brand’s authority and expertise in order to help you gain consumer trust and perform better in SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) without resorting to Blackhat SEO tactics. We are skilled in digital marketing, and our team of experts will employ the most modern and effective SEO content strategies in combination with a social media marketing strategy to truly distinguish your brand and increase sales.

Look for a Strategic Partner

It is wise for companies to look for strategic partners rather than insulating themselves and relying solely on their own merit. Marketing agencies are more often than not, on top of and on the cutting edge of innovation and trends within the industry. Our marketing experts at PDM see trends across a wide variety of industries and businesses and then determine ways we can employ or improve our methods in response. As a trusted marketing partner, we offer analytics expertise that can help solve larger attribution errors or oversights. We can provide you an outside perspective on your businesses, lend you a completely objective eye, and help you make sure your marketing efforts are impacting the bottom line positively.

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