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What Are The Goals of BOFU Content?

February 27, 2018
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When people move through the buyer’s journey, they continue to get closer and closer to becoming a customer. In the bottom of the funnel, there are still obstacles your brand will need to overcome in order for the final conversion to happen. In this stage, it is necessary to address the additional questions your audience has before they commit to becoming a customer.

People are looking for answers and solutions to a problem they have. The content in this stage needs to be simple, personalized, and persuade your audience to convert.

What Is BOFU Content?

BOFU content includes the specific assets brands use to convert their audience during the bottom of the funnel stage. This content needs to be targeted specifically to this segment of people in order to push them to purchase a brand’s product or service. Whereas content during the TOFU stages is high level and intended to build trust, content during the BOFU stage is more direct and highlights the products and services of your brand.

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Arm your audience with all of the information they need to make a decision about your brand. Show them how you stack up against the competition, the benefits of your products, and the unique value proposition of your offerings.

The Types Of BOFU Content

In the BOFU stage, there are specific pieces of content that you can use to convert your brand’s audience. A typical piece of content that is promoted during this phase is a demo or free trial. Everyone loves free products and this enables your audience members to try your product/service. If your product is truly high-quality and valuable, then you will have no problem converting them after the free trial.

If you aren’t comfortable with giving away products or services for free there are other content types you can use. As mentioned above, utilizing a comparison chart can be extremely successful. Show your audience how your product is better than your competitors on the market. If you position your brand against others and highlight how your offering is truly the best than people will be more likely to convert.

In addition to comparison charts, promoting customer stories is another way to push your audience members to convert. Highlight the stories of your current or past customers who have seen success with your offerings. In today’s competitive marketplace, it is crucial to utilize social proof especially if you’re a brand that only has an online presence.

People are more likely to try your brand’s products if they see a first-hand customer account of how it works / how it was helpful. During the MOFU stage you’ll want to employ every piece of content you can that will help you to convert those audience members into customers.

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Last but not least, webinars have shown great success in both the MOFU and TOFU stages. Webinars are an excellent tool to use to convert leads. The webinar should be extremely educational and relevant to your target audience. The content contained in the webinar is informational, but it also should incorporate a pitch selling your brand’s offerings.

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The Goals Of BOFU Content

As you can see, the strategy in the BOFU stage is different than both the TOFU and MOFU steps. But, although the types of content are different in each stage, some of the goals overlap. In the bottom of the funnel, the goals are still to capture leads, grow your retargeting lists, and convert your audience into customers.

In addition, during this stage other goals are increasing customer retention, increasing buyer frequency, and maximizing customer value. So, during BOFU, not only do you want to continue to capture qualified leads, but you also need to ensure your current customers see value in your products and services.

Focusing solely on gaining more leads in this stage is a mistake as you need to take care of your current customers as well. As everyone knows, it costs more money to acquire a new customer than it does to retain a current one.

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This stage is a balancing act between positioning your brand as the best against competitors to inspire more of your audience to become customers as well as continuing to show value and nurture your current customers.

Wrapping Up

During each stage of the customer journey it is necessary to promote content that is valuable, helpful, and relevant. It is essential to understand your target market and serve them content they will want to engage with. One way to see if your marketing campaigns are successful is by tracking important metrics. In the BOFU stage some of the metrics you should track are the number of qualified leads, offer conversion rate, email open rate, retargeting list growth, customer retention rate, and buyer frequency.

By keeping a pulse on these numbers, you can see what is working and what needs to be optimized. Campaigns during the customer journey should not be static, they should continue to change based on their performance. The goal during the BOFU stage is to capture new leads while continuing to nurture your current customers. It is important to have content that can accomplish both of these tasks.


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