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Video Advertising on Facebook Best Practices & Tips

January 12, 2018
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Why Should You Use Facebook Video Advertising?

The big thing you want to think about with Facebook Advertising and integrating video ads, is that video content can be a tremendous first touch point for users who have never seen your brand before. Video content is really engaging, so it quickly brings people through the buyer funnel.

On the social network Facebook you can retarget based off of video views. Getting web traffic on Facebook through more traditional advertising is more expensive in terms of remarketing because you’re driving a website click, which is a lot more expensive. With video, you’re paying for a video view rather than a web click, which is pennies on the dollar.

With video advertising on Facebook you can look at conversion points in different phases on the funnel. For example, we begin by targeting contacts in the awareness stage of the buyer funnel by talking about brands or topics people know or are interested in – so not the client brand yet. People see this video, after they watch the video we retarget them with a related video introducing the client brand and their process. A day or two after that, we retarget them with an ad about the client brand or process.


Best Practices For The Video Funnel

This is a great starting point for people who want to video market on Facebook, of course you will want to tweak this based on your industry, personas of your target audience, and goals, but here is the general process we use:

1st touch: Promote a general industry video to gain interest. Look into your target persona and see how the video can solve their problem, or post something that this persona is interested in.

2nd touch: This is another video. At this point your audience knows what your product is, so you want to retarget and talk about how your company’s process works. If you have an explainer videos, like the ones made by our client The Draw Shop, this is where you would want to utilize it.

3rd Touch: This touch can be a longer video due to users being more invested into what you have to say by the third touch points. From there, people typically search directly after seeing your next video, or will directly click through. If you feel like the users haven’t been clicking through the video, you can also send them a more aggresive ad with the goal of a website click.

Take Video Length Into Consideration

Think about your industry and the type of product you’re marketing when you decide the length of your video ads.

High ticket items are more difficult to sell, so a long form video on a second touch would be a good technique. That way, you can pick off users that watched the whole video, and remarket completed video views. If you have a 3 minute video it could be hard to get someone to watch that full video. If you’re going for a high ticket item, long video complete views are extremely qualified users because they have seen the whole process and have a good understanding of your product at this point. If you’re in eCommerce, or sell something with a smaller price tag, you can break up the videos to be shorter – we recommend around 30 seconds each – so you get more completed video views on the social media platform.

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