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Utilizing Power Digital’s Partnerships Offering To Fuel Brand Strategy

January 27, 2021
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At Power Digital, we know people. We have incomparable relationships — from the leading DTC and CPG companies to the top talent agencies and influential networks. Hyper-focused on brand-to-brand, celebrity and affiliate, Power Digital’s Partnerships Department taps into these relationships and provides creative, strategic campaigns to increase brand awareness, reach new audiences, and expand marketing resources for our clients. As the newest offering in our suite of services, our team is dedicated to scaling partnerships from A to Z to ensure we meet your business goals and provide incremental value to your company. 

Brand Partnerships

Brand to brand partnerships is a great marketing strategy that allows your brand to align with another brand with like-minded values and similar consumers. The best part about this type of collaboration is it has a “built-in” trust model. When you use partnerships to tap the audience of another brand, the consumer already perceives you as credible because of the trust they have in the brand partner (and vice versa).  This is why it is critical to ensure you pick the right partner, and this is something our team prides itself on accomplishing for our clients.  

The beauty of partnerships is you can design them however best meets your needs. For example, is it as simple as a digital cross-promotion on social and email to strictly share audiences or expanding outside your category to finally break through to a target demographic? Are you looking to create a limited-edition, co-branded product as an owned PR moment or are you providing your service as a potential solution to the partner? Regardless of the approach, Power Digital has the experience and deep understanding of what brands are looking for and how to make it happen. 

Celebrity Partnerships

Now for a splashy moment! Everyone loves a good celebrity partnership. They are exciting, fun, and buzzy. Power Digital is excited to bring clients our in-house team that specializes in talent relations. From top to bottom, the team will provide you with a vetted list of potential partners, manage your budget, handle all direct communication with the top agents and managers, as well as advise on formal offers, negotiate on your behalf, and provide guidance on contract terms to ensure you’re always getting the most out of the relationship. 

Celebrity partnerships should be leveraged when a brand wants to tell its story via the strong and powerful voice of a notable, like-minded name. A celebrity also has the ability to make a brand relatable and approachable, and similar to brand partnerships, they establish a level of credibility and trust with a new customer base. 

It is up to us at Power Digital to provide you with the strategy on how to best accomplish this and how to integrate it into your larger marketing and communications efforts. As a full service digital marketing agency, we have the ability to guide you on where to leverage these partnerships across multiple areas by tapping our top channel experts and then crafting a unique offer. We can execute a variety of deals that include equity plays, spokesperson announcements, PR campaigns, social programming, and more. 

Affiliate Partnerships 

Affiliate marketing took off in 2020, and we expect to see an expansion into more unique partnerships such as integration between affiliate and brand-to-brand partnerships and affiliate and influencer marketing. As a performance-based channel where you are only paying once an actual order is driven, the risks are low and the returns are high. 

Partnership Department Service Overview

Brand Partnerships

Provide and execute creative brand partnership campaigns to meet specific goals (i.e.  brand awareness, rev share, etc.):

  • Cross-promotional newsletters & shared email lists
  • Cross-promotional social & website content
  • Co-branded/bundled product offerings
  • Brand-to-brand affiliate

Celebrity Partnerships 

Provide talent counsel and act as the liaison on behalf of the client:

  • Celebrity campaign spokesperson & strategy
  • Celebrity investor & strategy 
  • Celebrity co-branded product & cross-promotion
  • Celebrity social programming

Affiliate Partnerships

Launch and effectively scale diverse affiliate programs to support our client’s revenue targets and brand awareness: 

  • Partner recruitment
  • Publisher pitching 
  • Compliance monitoring 
  • Paid placement management
  • Promotional strategy

Get Strategic With Partnerships

Are you looking to collaborate and add value to your company in 2021? Then strategic partnerships is the place to be. Whether you’re a small brand or a massive corporation, there is a strategy that will work best for you. Our team believes in working smarter, not harder — so let us help you find partnerships that are both complementary and prosperous!

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