Truth or Myth? Liven Up Your Text Ads with Emojis

Austin Randall
By Austin Randall

Adwords is known for product innovation. The ideas range from time-saving automation to introducing entirely new ways to market online and now….emojis. Yes, you may be able to enhance your ads with everyone’s favorite text message companions.

Truth or Myth?

There has been some controversy over this actually being true, so we naturally had to try it for ourselves and, approved! One of our clients is a local pool cleaning service, so we decided to make a splash in the competition with our friend the swimmer emoji. Check out the ad that was approved shortly after being submitted for review:


Surprisingly there are very few emojis being disapproved. Larry Kim of Wordstream gives the thumbs up for all these and possibly more:


How to Implement

There are several websites where you can pull emojis straight off the site. We’ve found you may need to be on a Mac for certain emojis that don’t play as well with PCs. As long as your OS is up-to-date, you should be good though. worked for us. Next, simply copy/paste them into your ad headline when creating the ad (be aware that emojis take up 4 characters). If your ad is disapproved at first, request an exception and resubmit.

Take these findings with a grain of salt as we’ve heard there have been several accounts that have not been as lucky. At this point, there is no rhyme or reason for the select approvals so the only way to know for sure is to try it for yourself. How did this work for you, yay or nay? We would love to stay current with this in the community, so please feel free to comment your experiences below!

Austin is the Director of Paid Media at Power Digital Marketing. He made it a point early on in his career to be a Jack of All Trades digital marketing, having hands-on experience in PPC, SEO, Social Media, and Affiliate Marketing. That experience comes in handy for his passion of creating and orchistraiting impactful cross-channel strategies for businesses he works with.