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Trending Web Fonts for Web Design in 2018

October 10, 2018
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One of the biggest roadblocks I hit when starting a new design on a website is choosing just the right fonts to use to make my creation line up properly. To the normal viewer, fonts may seem like something you can’t write an entire post about, but to any designers and developers out there I hope this helps you put 100% into your projects. The following outlines the top fonts I’ve seen and used in 2018, as well as links to get them.

Please enjoy and always give credit and praise the authors!

1) Crafter

This sans-serif font is creative and a bit out of the ordinary. Inspiration for Crafter comes from hand painted metal signs and works great for headings on a more modern, industrial project. 1871 Project! and Alex Jojanic.

2) Larish Neue

This one is great for a sophisticated, darker toned project. Larish Neue comes from RP Digital Type Foundry and has a nice contemporary approach to previous styles.

3) Campground

Campground is the epitome of modern, naturalistic brands. I can’t tell you how many typefaces I have seen with this appeal lately, but I can say I love it every time. Created by Fortunes Co.

4) Domaine Display

I LOVE Domaine Display. New Zealand type designer Kris Sowersby designed it under direction from Adelaide-based design consultancy Parallax, and the appeal is instant and gratifying. I love the thickness to it, and is perfect for a typeface logo.

5) Zappat

Zappat is a great font for uppercase styling, and has a strong tech feel to it. The font is free which is also great, and comes in many different styles. Created by Design A Lot.

6) Mont

Mont comes with many different styles and has a very prominent feel to it with strong structure. Created by Fontfabric, Mont has been big in 2018 and it’s easy to see why.

7) Wicked Grit

We’ve been using Wicked Grit for a while, and it seems to work with almost anything. It gives off a bold but lighthearted effect and is perfect for posters, like the one above. You can get it for free, here.

8) Harriet

Another font commonly used in Power Digital’s work, Harriet gives off a classic newspaper appeal and comes in many different styles and weights. It’s perfect for infographics and headings. You can find it here, from OkayType.

9) Bebas Neue

A classic but a staple, Bebas Neue should be apart of your “body font kit” when designing a website. Perfect for any industry, the narrow style to this font is sleek and easy to read. Grab it here.

10) Mikado Bold

Mikado Bold is quirky, bold, and elegant all wrapped into one. I love this for my more artsy clients who are willing to go outside of the box and can be used for any new brands as this is an uncommon one in 2018. Get yours here.

Wrapping Up

For more great design tips and resources, checkout our Web Development category on the Power Digital blog. Check back for more great resources like this!


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