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TikTok Guide: Spark Ads

April 7, 2022
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As one of the newest and most popular, social media platforms, TikTok continues to take the world by storm, enabling brands to reach new audiences and drive upticks in business-wide performance. More than a fad for the younger generation, TikTok surpassed 1 billion users in September 2021, making it a platform that brands should most definitely leverage. That being said, one of the stark differences between TikTok and other social media platforms is one creative format unique to the TikTok marketing space: Spark Ads. 

What are Spark Ads?


Unlike the “classic” In-Feed ad, which is a typical ad built out in your ads manager, Spark Ads is a native ad format, enabling you to leverage organic TikTok posts and their features in your advertising. Spark Ads, unlike In-Feed ads, stem from real TikTok accounts, whether that be your brand’s organic TikTok profile or a user’s organic TikTok profile. Ultimately, Spark ads are an authentic way to amplify native TikTok content.

What do Spark Ads look like?


Spark Ads appear in a user’s “For Your Page” feed, paired with a call-to-action of your choosing, the account name, as well as the typical engagement drivers (i.e. like, comment, and share). Unlike In-Feed Ads, Spark Ads have unique functionalities that allow them to appear as though it is a regular TikTok post. When served a Spark ad, users often click on the profile photo, handle, or swipe left, navigating them to the account the content stems from. More often than not, Spark ads not only drive strong conversion-focused performance than In-Feed ads, but also lead to increases in organic presence, such as increased followers and overall engagement.

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Why should you use Spark Ads?

There are three key benefits to Spark ads: 

  • Authenticity

    • Spark Ads are a 100% native in-feed format, featuring all the native post features, in addition to engagement features.
    • Because of their authentic feel and how they seamlessly blend in a user’s “For You Page” feed, Spark Ads provide users with an immersive TikTok experience, driving upticks in a brand’s performance, as well as strengthening trust between a brand and its audience.
  • Long-Lasting Marketing Impact

    • Presenting a user with the option to explore a brand even further by simply clicking a brand’s handle, Spark Ads enable brands to strengthen their organic presence and drive traffic to their profile, which, in turn, leads to strengthened engagement, improved customer retention, and increased lead generation.
  • Lift in Performance

    • More often than not, Spark ads significantly outperform other TikTok ad formats, which can be attributed to their authentic feel.
    • Across the board, Spark ads drive substantial lifts in video view metrics, engagement metrics, conversion metrics, and cost metrics.

Combining the power of paid advertising with the UGC content that dominates the TikTok realm, Spark Ads are the ultimate game-changer. Beat your competition to it and leverage the power of TikTok marketing today with our digital marketing services

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