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The TikTok Marketing Magic Recipe

April 7, 2022
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TikTok is on the rise, and there are no signs of stopping it in its tracks. A platform that dominates the Gen Z space, TikTok is the platform to make your brand’s presence known. The big question is: how can your brand succeed on TikTok?

The below knowledge will strap you with the tools you need to succeed on TikTok – ultimately, what we like to call, the TikTok marketing magic recipe. Your brand’s performance on TikTok is not only dependent on your paid advertising strategy, but also other factors at play: organic presence, creator partnerships, and more. Playing into the TikTok magic recipe, there are a number of “ingredients” that, when combined, will not only increase your brand’s performance on the TikTok platform, but drive your business’s overall success. 

Ingredient #1: Organic Presence


Establishing how your brand will be represented on the TikTok platform is critical when developing an effective strategy. With users spending an average of 85+ minutes per day in the app and opening the app at an average of 19 times per day, creating an immersive, engaging experience is of utmost importance when bringing your brand to TikTok audiences.

The TikTok community thrives on exploring and discovering new content. By building a brand presence with organic content, especially with access to TIkTok business features, a brand will, without a doubt, get discovered and form a TikTok community. When establishing your brand on TikTok, keep in mind “organic beats” – an ongoing stream of TikTok organic posts on your organic profile, keeping users engaged and familiar with your brand. An established organic presence on TikTok strengthens brand credibility, as well as aids in building your community. When a brand’s organic profile is curated and utilizes creative that is in line with TikTok best practices, credibility and trust are strengthened, and brand awareness grows. 

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Ingredient #2: Paid Ads


Once your brand’s organic presence is strong on TikTok, amplify your presence through an expert paid ads strategy. Depending on your overarching business goal, craft a strategic campaign structure and achieve optimal performance, expanding your reach to new audiences and creating awareness when users are in the mindset to consume videos. Now, you might ask, why is organic presence necessary when pushing paid ads? An organic presence on TikTok in tandem with TikTok ads plays a significant role in a brand’s overall performance, specifically regarding TikTok’s key ad format: Spark Ads. 

When leveraging Spark ads, you boost organic content to get authenticity at scale. Spark ads are not only an effective way to create TikTok ads, but they drive deeper engagement through an authentic integration with TikTok’s community of creators. Most importantly, users trust organic UGC more than traditional brand ads.  When you have a strong organic presence, Spark ads stemming from your brand’s organic profile should be leveraged significantly. A Spark ad stemming from your brand’s organic profile allows a user to click on the handle, bringing them to your organic feed, driving trust between a user and your brand, leading to increases in not only conversion-focused metrics, but also increases in engagement, specifically driving upticks in your organic profile’s followers, shares, profile visits, and more. 

Ingredient #3: Creator Partnerships

A significant reason why TikTok continues to take the world by storm is its community of creators. Tapping into this community of creatives instills realness and reflects the creativity that makes TikTok the platform that it is. With unique storytelling capabilities, authentic voices, and a strong knowledge of TikTok’s hottest trends, TikTok creators help brands drive results. 

When partnering with TikTok creators, a brand can reach and impact new audiences as TikTok creators understand how to get noticed and create an impact on TikTok. Creators drive positive, immersive, inclusive engagement with their creativity and ability to form communities of active creators. TikTok creators know their audience and are familiar with what their audience would engage with – creators can recommend products to their followers while creating a seamless shopping experience as their creatives are paired with a clear CTA and deep links. With 49% of TikTok users purchasing a product or service after seeing it promoted, advertised, or reviewed in the app, partnering with TikTok creators plays an integral role in your brand’s success. 

With a comprehensive strategy in place, your brand can effectively grow and connect with the TikTok community, driving positive impacts across your business’s performance. Get started on your TikTok marketing magic recipe today with our digital marketing services.

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