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SEMrush Content Template – The New Tool Content Marketers Will Love

August 8, 2017
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If you are on a content marketing team working closely with SEO to develop optimized content, either for clients or your own business, you will find value from the new SEMrush Content Template tool.

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SEMrush, a competitive intelligence suite for online marketing, recently released a new SEO Content Template tool. The SEMrush Content Template just came out of the Beta testing phase and is officially available for use! This tool is specially made to help SEO and content writers through providing recommendations for what content you should be creating.

Why Is This A Useful Tool?

The SEO Content Template helps make it easier to outrank your competition on the search engine results page (SERPs). This standalone tool assists content creators in making SEO content that will attract search engine traffic.

How Does It Work?

SEMrush uses keyword information that you provide to analyze competitor content on Google’s top 10 ranking pages. Once SEMrush has analyzed this data, you are given a downloadable document with recommendations for how to “create well-crafted SEO-friendly content.”

To begin, you have the option to choose target settings for location and device type. You also have the option not to select any target settings, and the tool will automatically use the US Google Desktop database as a default setting. After selecting, or not selecting, your target settings you will input the keyword(s) that you want to use to rank for in your SEO optimized content.

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Once you have completed entering your keyword(s), you will select to “Create SEO Template.” You can either view the output in through SEMrush or export the results as a document. The SEO Template will provide results for both Keyword Recommendations and General Recommendations.


Keyword Recommendations

SEMrush provides keyword recommendations related to the following five categories:

  • Backlinks – To gain authority for your page, SEMrush creates a list of potential domains for you to target to get backlinks to the page of content you will be writing. By providing domain backlink suggestions, this gives you valuable time-saving information so you can begin to target potential pages for outreach.
  • Readability – The SEO Template provides information on what score for readability your content should be based on the readability scores from the top 10 searches found on Google’s top page. This will help you determine what style writing you should be using for your target audience to be ranked. SEMrush uses the Flesch-Kincaid readability test to score content readability.
  • Semantically related words – For your content to be received by a broader range of people searching for your keyword(s), the SEO Template will provide a list of other semantically related words to the original keywords you searched for. By incorporating these additional target keywords and topics in your content, you will have a wider range of information that will help you score higher in the SERPs. This will also ensure that you are reaching as many people as possible that may not be using your specific keywords when searching. Semantically related words and topics can assist you when planning out the structure for your content.
  • Text Length – SEMrush evaluates the top 10 results on Google’s first page and analyzes the ideal length that your content piece should be to be optimally ranked. This information is valuable so you know how long, and in how much detail you should have for your content piece.
  • Video Content – The SEO Template will provide information on whether or not the top competition uses video content in their ranked web pages. This will provide valuable insight if you should be creating video assets to go on your content page. Knowing whether or not your competition uses video can help craft your strategy and potentially set you apart from everyone if no one else is using video.

General Recommendations

SEMrush provides general recommendations related to optimal length and uses for target keyword(s) on the following three items:

  • Page Title – This recommendation will give you suggestions for the length and how many keywords to add.
  • Meta Description – The optimal character length for the meta description will be given.
  • H1 – SEMrush provides you the optimal number of keywords you should put in you H1, along with suggestions for which keywords.

The SEMrush Content Template is the perfect tool for outlining your strategy in creating a fully SEO optimized content piece. The SEO template will allow you to quickly plan out the structure and logistics of your writing to ensure that you are creating relevant content that will rank. Currently, SEMrush is allowing users to create templates for up to 30 keywords a day.

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