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Score Your Digital Marketing Agency

October 13, 2016
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The fourth quarter for many businesses is oftentimes a time for reflection – reflecting on your biggest wins over the past year, thinking about all of the new people you’ve added to your team, and, most importantly, remembering some of the not-so-great moments and strategizing about how to prevent similar situations in the new year.

However, it is also a time for scrutiny. As the year comes to a close, upper management is looking closely at their budgets and, as all marketers have come to understand all too well, marketing is typically the first to get cut. If your company has teamed up with a marketing agency, it is important that you be prepared with an answer to the inevitable question: is this relationship valuable enough to continue through to the new year?

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Sometimes, the answer can be a difficult to determine. Sure, communication is great and you genuinely like the people you’re working with, but the results they’re producing don’t quite meet your expectations. Take this quiz to finally get the insight you’re looking for and answer that inevitable question confidently and accurately.

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