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Why Should You Look into Quora Ads for Your Business?

May 2, 2019
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There is something unique about discussion boards and online courses in modern-day business.  Not only do you get a chance to digitally “meet” other like-minded professionals with the click of a button… but if you find the right-fit online community, you then get to ask your toughest questions, contribute your professional and personal experience, and even learn new skills while in the process.

Online Communities Can Grow Your Business

It’s clear that marketers and entrepreneurs leverage social media advertising and email marketing now more than ever before… another lucrative avenue for new business is through online communities and discussion platforms. And when it comes to online communities, Quora is a popular and global knowledge-sharing platform which is quickly gaining attention across the world – and for good reason.

Quora was launched in 2009 by two former Facebook employees named Adam D’Angelo, and Charlie Cheever. Their global online platform fits almost every niche imaginable and has quickly become the go-to community where its 500,000+ registered users and over 200 million visitors can get answers to the toughest issues related to business, health, entertainment, philosophy, and more.

In addition to being an excellent source of both education and expertise, Quora can also be an incredibly valuable content marketing tool – when utilized properly! In fact, this platform won’t only help you generate thousands of leads and potentially build a vast online following… but could also boost your industry authority in a just matter of weeks – if done right.

Leveraging Quora

Quora ranks among the most heavily-trafficked sites for being one of the best platforms for the Business to Business market (B2B), as well as a go-to resource for entrepreneurs, content creators, legal experts, bloggers, investors, consultants, and students.

Regardless of your niche, this platform is a place where you can ask questions regarding industry-specific knowledge, chat directly with experts, and respond with follow-up questions or even objections of your own. As any conversation thread progresses on Quora, it’s almost like being involved in a live, educational, and thought-provoking conversation.

As an added benefit to its users, you also get long-form, polished answers from industry professionals, or individuals who have appropriate experience with the topic at hand.

Who You Should Use Quora Organically For Business

Before opening its ads platform up, Quora only displayed ads from a handful of advertisers with an aim to learn the kind of advertising which would work best for its customers, visitors, and discussion participants.

Today, people from all walks of life can now use this global search engine journal to ask their most uncomfortable questions, share expertise, and even leverage this platform strategically to gain multiple SEO benefits – amongst other things.

For these reasons, many entrepreneurs now leverage Quora to ultimately drive traffic back to their business websites, landing pages, or social media platforms. While it’s clear that Quora presents many opportunities across the board, the ultimate question right now is this: why should entrepreneurs and fellow business people even invest more time and energy into this platform?

Well, here’s just a few good reasons:

A Large and Engaged Audience

First off, not only has Quora’s valuation doubled over the past few years due to positive ad tests… as an added result of their overall popularity, it now has over 200 million monthly visitors, which make Quora a prime place to drive more interest toward businesses.

Since thousands of people also use Quora for advice on both personal and professional subject matters and also respond to questions on pretty much any topic the human brain can conjure up, you too can leverage all of this in your favor from a professional standpoint.

A quick way to leverage Quora is to keep this in mind: if you give the best and most relevant answers for any of the topics or specific questions geared toward your target audience, you will get the most “upvotes,” and are consequently moved up in visibility along the top answer feeds. (Example: a discussion that is about a week old with 1,000 views or more means that it is popular enough within the Quora community, so the more views the question receives, the more exposure your answer will get… thus making the time you invested well worth it!)

Having said that, this makes Quora an increasingly robust channel where you can find reliable and valuable information, attract highly qualified leads, showcase your industry expertise, and get in front of more users during different stages of your sales funnel.

It’s becoming clearer how advertising your business through Quora ads is a great way to not only drive traffic to your site… but also to boost sales and conversions, help you build authority on topics gathered from highly intelligent sources, and integrate your media marketing strategy.

The even better news? We’re just getting started…

Refer New Traffic to Your Site

When it comes to improving lead generation and sales conversions, Quora is a top place to promote your business website, blog, share content, mention your lead generation pages, and more, as long as you are providing relevant content in the discussion groups.

Plus, if you want to demonstrate your industry knowledge, and most importantly boost your authority in your niche, then you must provide engaging, high-quality answers which will gain massive interest from Quora users.

Remember that you can link helpful advice back to your corresponding site(s), and ultimately generate thousands upon thousands of potential new visitors. Therefore, in order to gain solid traction – and do it quickly – a good rule of thumb is to gather as much relevant information prior to jumping in any discussion, and always answer user questions in a helpful, and non-promotional way so you can rapidly grow your online reputation more effectively.

Boost your Industry Authority and Protect your Brand

You can effectively showcase knowledge of your niche and boost your industry authority, all while protecting your business brand, by focusing on answering topic-targeted ads and by being authentically helpful.

Again, the most organic way to gain attention would be providing high-quality content on relevant questions. Remember that you could also be dealing with potential customers that are asking questions about your products and services. Having said that, in order to use this new monetization stream effectively, you need to pull in value from Quora by using images, or videos, including using personal pronouns such as “I” or “Me” when answering questions organically.

Also, ensure that the answers you provide are original and personalized enough to give users a reason to click through the link to your post. And, to ultimately succeed on Quora, you need to fully optimize your profile attributes and tagline based on your areas of expertise, authority, even your location… then, connect your other social media accounts in order to get more upvotes and comments in your target niches.

Keep in mind though that unlike other knowledge-sharing question and answer sites, with Quora you have a ready audience that is looking for information because they are already on the Q&A site to begin with.

With this intent, Quora uses “topic targeting” to categorize its questions and answers according to specific issues tailored and customized to users who are most likely to be interested in your area of expertise. This is one reason why you must ensure that your answers are up to Quora quality and more personalized for your target audience.

Implications for Marketers on Quora

Regardless of the niche you are currently in, to establish thought leadership and go-to authority you need to not only provide unique products and services… but also exhibit your expertise and thorough understanding surrounding your business by providing both prospective and existing customers with engaging and fresh information. Keep in mind that millions upon millions of people look to Quora for answers, therefore creating a Quora account will help to ensure that your bio information includes relevant links to your site – and triple check to make sure these are accurate so you can build profile authority, reputation, and trust.

Paid Ads On Quora – A New Authority

Since its inception in 2009, Quora has become among the most popular Questions & Answers (Q&A) platforms still around today that also uses the “upvotes” and a community contributions system to encourage millions of new, unique inquisitive visitors who want to receive insightful answers week after week.

Consequently, marketers and global businesses alike can use this website to get more traffic to their sites, improve quality lead generation, and increase sales conversions which could also help to boost their industry authority by gaining more social influence.

The Quora ads concept was implemented recently in 2017 as a way to help businesses and advertisers to build online credibility with insightful responses and exert information that directly engages or relates to their target market. With this, Quora ads arms its users with the following:

Broad Audience Targeting

Quora offers Broad Audience Targeting Options where advertisers can choose more general audience demographics to display their ads to and even access audience retargeting later on while using the Quora pixel when an ad has run for a while.

Topic Targeting

Topic Targeting in terms of ad copy and relevance, advertisers run ads on issues that are relevant to their industry, therefore, use both positive and negative keywords to help them refine the questions and answers their ads will show up on

Keyword Targeting

Search-like Keyword Targeting is where Quora offers advertisers both “broad match” and “phrase match” options that offer highly competitive visibility at the ad set level so that they can specify negative keywords or phrases to rule out, or which to include when it comes to targeting ads.

Question Targeting

Question Targeting allows Quora advertisers to target discussion questions that are relevant to what they are offering, or advertisers can even utilize the “follow questions” tab that shows them what users are curious about – enabling them to follow trends closely.

Website Retargeting

Website/ Question Retargeting enables advertisers on Quora to retarget users that have previously visited specific Quora sessions, or checked out any question pages relevant to their campaigns.   

Lookalike Audience Targeting

Lookalike Audience Targeting allows marketers to use a set of high-value customers to extend a wider reach of new target audiences, with similar characteristics and activity, by either using the Quora pixel or a List Match audience.

List Match Audience

List Match Audience is where advertisers can use Quora Pixel to upload a list of email addresses that are matched against data from the Quora audience to create a new audience for ad targeting or exclusions.

Ad Types

Ad Types such as Image, Text, Promote and Answer are all advertising units that Quora is currently offering which can be created using the self-serve Ads Manager to give advertisers the chance to showcase their products and services in quick, vivid detail. These advertising units are first reviewed and approved by Quora’s high-quality standards for ads to ensure that they are in compliance across the board.

When determining how to leverage Quora for your brand think through how your target audience interacts with Quora and how you, as a brand, can provide value to them. Whether it be providing relevant content to their questions related to your brand, or running targeted ads through their ad platform, Quora can be a valuable tool for brands to leverage in today’s competitive digital landscape. If you are interested in learning more about advertising on Quora get in contact with our Content or PPC team today for a free audit.

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