PR Coffee Chat: Tools Our PR Department Can’t Live Without

Kate Lobel
By Kate Lobel

In order to stay on top of a fast paced industry, our PR team uses many tools to expedite processes and stay organized. Without many of these tools, we aren’t able to marry the departments like we do daily. At Power Digital, we pride ourselves on cross-channel strategies between content marketing, SEO and Paid Media to name a few channels that we strive to interact with everyday.

Our Must-Have Tools:

Cision – the largest online media database and one stop shop to find media contacts. Whether we are building a media list for a trade show or finding a particular contact’s details, Cision is our place to go! We also are able to grab the number of unique monthly visits and an editor’s beat through this tool which allows us to cater our outreach.

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MOZ Open Site Explorer – talk about two departments working together! Using this SEO tool, the PR team is able to research a particular client’s backlink profile and identify major wins. We use MOZ Open Site Explorer to extract the exact placements from our competitor’s and capitalize on other pitch topics and editors that we may not have tapped yet.

Google Analytics – what many traditional publicists misunderstand is that data is actually a game changer for them! Using Google Analytics, we are able to identify which specific placement performed best over time. We can then reallocate our hours to the tiers of press that are actually hitting specific KPIs. For example, if we have a client whose main KPI is traffic and we notice in Google Analytics that the best type of outlet to drive traffic are blogs, then we will focus our attention on blogger outreach as opposed to top tier, trade or influencer outreach.

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Kate is the director of Public Relations at Power Digital Marketing with an extenisve background in traditional media relations and digital marketing with the goal of bridging the gap between brand awareness and ROI.