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PR Coffee Chat: How PR Works with Other Channels

July 18, 2017
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Public Relations has often been considered a very independent channel not reliant on other digital marketing efforts to run like a well oiled machine. In this video, we discuss how that might not always be true and when in fact, when PR is working together with other channels like SEO, content and social media, all marketing efforts will perform at utmost efficiency.


SEO and Public Relations really only thrive when working in congruence. One of the first steps we do when beginning the outreach process is identify the outlets we’d like to secure coverage on. To do so, we primarily use tools like MOZ and Majestic that allow us to identify the authority and health of an outlet before we reach out. We do so to ensure that we are only securing coverage on an outlet that would not be considered “spammy” to google and overall only support the campaign.

We also integrate with SEO by lifting specific rankings. We do so by first identifying keywords we want to support. Then, we target these keywords in our anchor text. Thus, the more links we get driven to a specific site with a specific anchor text (keyword) we are trying to optimize for, the better overall performance and ranking for that keyword will be.

Digital_Traditional PR

PR & Content

We work with our inhouse team who produces timely and strong articles. As the public relations team, we are able to promote the content team’s content by linking out to them in placement we are securing. Conversely, the content team is able to support our outreach efforts by producing valuable and attractive content that we can pitch out to editors that include links back to our clients.

PR & Paid Social Media 

There is a really awesome tool called which helps us integrate  the PR channel and paid social. What the tool allows us to do is promote our placements through paid social but then we can place a pixel on the placement we are driving traffic to and retarget off of them with more converting ads through the facebook channel.

The more channels aligned in strategy, the stronger your overall marketing campaign will be. Make sure you take the time to review your plan and identify ways to elevate your efforts by including other marketing channels, especially public relations!

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