PR Coffee Chat: 3 Quick Outreach Tips 

Kate Lobel
By Kate Lobel

An essential part of Public Relations is conducting targeted and efficient outreach! Outreach increases brand awareness, supports SEO initiatives and informs the public of clients’ contributions. Interacting with different editors and outlets also allows you to build important relationships within the industry.

At Power Digital, we pride ourselves in conducting successful outreach to secure numerous placements on top-tier outlets.

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Here are three quick tips on conducting successful outreach:


  • Timing is everything – Working with different editors often means working with different time zones. A rule of thumb for reaching out is to send pitches before 2 p.m. to ensure solid communication between you and the editor for those located on the East Coast.
  • Stay organized – At Power Digital, we use Excel to categorize each pitch, who we send them to, when we reach out and when we follow up. By taking the time to organize our outreach, we can track important information like which pitch topic is performing better than others.
  • Keep it short and sweet – Top-tier editors get bombarded with emails every day! Get right to the point within your first two sentences to ensure editors will understand what you are trying to pitch them.

Learning the etiquette of conducting outreach will increase your chances of receiving traction and securing placements. These three tips have truly helped our Power Digital PR team in making our clients’ brands relevant to the public eye.

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Kate is the director of Public Relations at Power Digital Marketing with an extenisve background in traditional media relations and digital marketing with the goal of bridging the gap between brand awareness and ROI.