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The End of an Era: Meet the New Power Digital

June 11, 2020
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Since 2012, Power Digital Marketing has been a full-service agency that pushes their clients and team members to evolve in the world of digital marketing, while also empowering everyone we work with. We now invite you to say hello to Power Digital Marketing.

Who is Power Digital?

Power Digital is intentional. We are not the agency with a “one solution fits all” mindset. Each solution is strategically tailored to the unique positioning of a business’s needs.

Power Digital is fluid. There’s a reason why we never settle on a straight path. Our path is uphill, we change the way traditional marketing works by developing new technology to produce measurable results for each one of our various clients. We recognize every client has a different goal.

Lastly, Power Digital is transformative. As we said, we are constantly adapting to the ever-changing industry space we’re in. We do this by constantly transforming the way our teams work together to promote a productive, inspirational, and collaborative work environment that supports both professional and personal growth.

We are intentional, fluid, and transformative — it’s what sparked the vision of our new look. We’d love for you to celebrate the end of an era with us by welcoming in the new Power Digital. Same people, same strategy, just a different appearance to match who we are—indefinitely changing to provide an excellent experience.

Our Brand Pillars

We win together. Our success is a team sport. Here, the best ideas win. We test it, we try it, we move fast. We work together across a diverse digital landscape, letting each person’s expertise shine through.

We adapt and evolve. We are quick, fleet-footed, able to maneuver in a heartbeat. We don’t simply respond–we read the digital landscape, anticipate the evolution, and create change.

We own it. We lead with passion, find the knowledge we seek, and build the skills we need. We know talent grows with hard work. We treat every day as an opportunity to learn and elevate our expertise.

We build better. We are creative problem-solvers, consultants, and technologists. Because we understand the digital landscape and antici[ate what’s needed to thrive in its complexity.

Introducing nova: The Only Tech of Its Kind

nova power digital

Over the past 5 years Power Digital has developed a proprietary technology platform called nova. nova uses AI and Machine Learning to combine quantitative and qualitative data sets across all digital marketing channels and produces actionable insights to drive efficient quick wins at volume. Ultimately, nova AI engine helps drive the cost per acquisitions down and conversion rates up.

Visit our site to read more on what valuable information nova can provide to your team and business. This could be cutting costs, driving revenue, increasing efficiency or workflow, or something new. Or, schedule a discovery call with our team to uncover data-driven growth.

What Our Rebrand Means for Our Team

We not only empower growth in our clients but also our team. We’re grateful to be surrounded by individuals that constructively challenge each other everyday both professionally and personally. We want every person we work with to succeed. Power Digital strives to elicit this in each other by giving everyone a voice in the company and the opportunity to blossom their capabilities. Read below just a handful of the many messages from our team during the launch of Power Digital’s rebrand.















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