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Pinterest Features 101

February 23, 2018
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As a social-image website, Pinterest has been dominating since 2010 and is moving forward this year with freshly improved features that are beneficial to businesses and will drive high transaction rates. It’s time to rethink your marketing platforms.

Pinterest Lens

A key feature that Pinterest released in 2017 is Pinterest Lens. What this feature does is allows the user to have the most control over their searching. By using their camera on their phone, they point and shoot what they are looking for and Pinterest will gather related items to this image. Pinterest Lens is expanding with launching Lens Your Look. Their goal with this precise searching tool is to make your phone become a personal stylist.

With our image dominated culture, this feature helps consumers find what they are looking for without having to think about keywords or a description.

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Promoted Video

Bring your brand’s personality to life with Pinterest promoted video feature. Most businesses stick to images due to the nature of Pinterest, however, using this tool is an effective way to set your brand apart from others. Using their native videos creates a user-friendly experience for Pinners, making them more inspired to interact with brands. Pinterest found that 67% of users are more inspired to engage with a business after watching a video. 


Using the visual search engine a Pinner can with more ease search using these pincodes. This feature drives offline interactions online. Through a display in-store or printed stories, Pinners can scan the code using their Pinterest camera to find Pins directly related to displays. These codes can also be linked to boards and profiles to boost engagement on brand’s Pinterests accounts. Any businesses in the UK, US, or Canada can create a Pincode that can be linked to a specific board or to your businesses entire profile.

Pin Collective

Pinterest works with marketers of all sizes to help produce and maintain a creative environment on their platform. Their goal with Pin Collective is to “help brands get what they need to produce content that’s optimized for Pinterest’s visual format and Pinners’ unique behavior”. Working directly with content curators is not only beneficial to Pinners but drives business to brands of all sizes.

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Taste Graph

Organic social’s best friend is Taste Graph, through this marketers can see the connections users make to further understand their tastes and interests. This insight feature helps forecast trends easier than other social platforms, and connects businesses to over 5000 tastes to help identify their audience. Click through rates have increased to 50% with this feature proving it to be a viable tool for businesses.

Possibilities Planner

As we all know, Pinterest usage spikes during holidays and celebrations. A new tool to be featured on Pinterest, Possibilities Planner, gives businesses a look into when pinners begin to plan for holidays and celebrations. This tool helps brands know when to promote and what is most valuable to their pinning audience now.

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